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About Syktyvkar

The city was founded on February 5, 1780 by the Decree of Catherine II. Its original name is Ust-Sysolsk. In 1930 the city was renamed Syktyvkar. This name, translated from the Komi language, means “a city on Sysol”.

Syktyvkar is the administrative center of the Komi Republic.

The city is located in the northeast of the European part of Russia, 1410 km northeast of Moscow. Syktyvkar is located on the banks of two rivers – Sysola and Vychegda, surrounded by forests. The total area of ​​the city is 152 sq. Km.

The climate in Syktyvkar is temperate continental, with long, rather severe winters and short, relatively warm summers. The average temperature in January is minus 15 degrees C, in July – plus 17 degrees C. The annual precipitation is about 650 mm.

Syktyvkar is a multinational city. It is home to about 250 thousand inhabitants – they are representatives of more than 70 nationalities. Various national societies operate in the city.

Syktyvkar is a large industrial center. There are about 40 industrial enterprises in the city, one third of which are of national importance.

In addition, Syktyvkar is one of the largest research centers in the European North of Russia. There are about 30 specialized institutions in the city that carry out research and development work. The flagship of scientific institutions of Syktyvkar is the Komi Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which includes: the Institute of Geology, Biology, Language, Literature and History, Physiology, Economic and Social Problems of the North, Chemistry, as well as the Department of Energy, Mathematics and Centralized Services.

Syktyvkar is the cultural capital of the republic. The city has the Republican Opera and Ballet Theater of the Komi Republic, the National Music and Drama Theater of the Komi Republic, the State Academic Drama Theater named after I. V. A. Savin, as well as one of the favorite cultural centers of the townspeople – the Komi Republican Philharmonic. The largest state museum institution in the republic is the National Museum of the Komi Republic. The pride of Syktyvkar residents is the National Gallery of the Komi Republic. The Geological Museum named after V.I. A. A. Chernov. Interesting expositions are presented in the Museum of the History of Education of the Komi Territory, the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography. The city has a well-developed library network. A unique collection of printed and handwritten documents on the history, culture and literature of the Komi Territory is presented in the National Library of the Komi Republic, one of the oldest in the North-West of Russia.

The largest swimming pool in the republic and the Central stadium of republican significance function in Syktyvkar.


Syktyvkar State University (SyktSU) is a rapidly developing university with more than a half century of history. It is the largest university in the Komi Republic and provides all levels of higher education. The university has an advanced infrastructure for science and innovation. In 2017 SyktSU received the status of the Russian flagship university (among only 33 Russian HEIs).

The university’s 286 staff members, who take care of teaching at the university, are highly skilled professionals — 65% of them have a Ph.D. and 12% a D.Sc. degree. Moreover, the university offers students a wide variety of educational programmes: more than 7,400 university students are spread over to about 200 bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

SyktSU has more than 38000 alumni who got good positions as true professionals in the different fields of life activity in different countries.

Entering SyktSU is a good challenge for you to show and develop your skills and finally be proud of becoming a member of the large university family.

History of University

Syktyvkar State University was established in accordance with the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 698 of September 24, 1971 and of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR No. 580 of October 25, 1971.

In 1972 the university consisted of two faculties: history and philology (dean V.P. Zolotarev), natural sciences (dean O.V. Petrov). 9 departments, 40 teachers. Admission of students 350 people. in 8 specialties.

The faculties were transferred from KSPI to SyktSU: history and philology (1972) and chemistry and biology (1973).

In its current form, it appeared as a result of the reorganization of the Syktyvkar State University and the Komi State Pedagogical Institute through a merger (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of February 14, 2014).

March 2, 2015 – a new charter was adopted, which approved the new name of the university “Syktyvkar State University named after Pitirim Sorokin”

University’s mission is to create optimal conditions for studying, stay, self-realization and employment of students and graduates, to form a friendly and open corporate culture, where students and teachers go together not only along the path of development, but also along the path of creating new knowledge and acquiring new competencies!

University’s values:

  • Comfortable conditions for life, education and work: providing students live in comfortable dormitories, study in well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, go in for sports in modern gyms and a swimming pool, have opportunities for self-realization in extracurricular time;
  • 24/7 student support: support not only in studies, but also in any difficult life situations, because student years are a self-search time, time of “trial and error”; for this there are established institutions of volunteering and tutoring, psychological monitoring system; a medical center is operating; student cultural and creative activities are developed;
  • High quality education: the main guarantor of the quality education is a teacher, so they put a lot of effort to motivate teachers, their training and development;
  • Care about the future of our graduates: the higher education is the stage of an important life choice – career choice, and therefore there are support students and graduates, helping them in communication with employers, promoting career guidance and practical skills;
  • Active international activity: investment in the development of international activities, joint educational programs and research, and the involvement of international teachers.

Advantages of SyktSU:

  • a wide range of educational programs (Pedagogy; Medicine; Biotechnology; Informatics; History; Linguistics; Literature; Mathematics; Psychology; Physics; Economics; Art, etc.);
  • modern educational, scientific and applied laboratory facilities, equipped with high-tech equipment; simulation center for practical training of medical students;
  • successful interaction with enterprises of the real sector of the economy;
  • the University has more than 60 student associations: student councils and clubs, student television, student volunteer groups, theatres, scientific associations and many others;
  • the well-equipped campus of the University allows international students to feel like at home (all students get place in the dorm rooms, SyktSU has its own medical center, various sports grounds and halls, participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged and much more).

Syktyvkar State University is a center of science and innovation. It conducts fundamental and applied scientific research in humanitarian, natural, and technical areas. The scientific infrastructure of the university includes 21 research centers, 30 research laboratories, 3 small innovative enterprises, the IT-Park of the Komi Republic Technopark. On the basis of the university, international and all-Russian scientific conferences of teachers and students are organized. More than 1,500 students take part in various scientific events every year.


Specialist degree (duration – 6 years)

  • Medicine
  • General Medicine (in English)
  • Paediatrics

Bachelor’s degree (duration – 4 years)

  • Natural Sciences
  • Chemistry – Chemistry of Environment, Chemical Expertize and Ecological Safety
  • Ecology and Environmental Management – Geoecology and Environmental Management
  • Biology – Biological Systems and Biotechnologies
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Advertising and Public Relations – Project Management in PR and Advertising
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Cultural Studies – Culture of Countries and Peoples of the World
  • Design – Interior and Environmental Design
  • Applied Mathematics, Computer and Technical Sciences
  • Mathematics and Computer Science – Mathematical and Computer Modelling
  • Technosphere Safety – Protection in the Emergency Situations
  • Management
  • Management – Management
  • Tourism
  • Tourism – Technology and Activities of Tour Operators and Travel Agencies
  • History
  • History – History of Russia and Foreign Countries
  • Philology
  • Philology – Russian Philology
  • Journalism
  • Journalism – Author’s Activity
  • Law
  • Jurisprudence


Master’s degree (duration – 2 years)

  • Applied Mathematics, Computer and Technical Sciences
  • Mathematics and Computer Science – Mathematical and Computer Modelling
  • Radiophysics – Computer Radiophysics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Chemistry – Chemistry of Natural and Synthetic Objects
  • Ecology and Environmental Management – Ecological Safety and Environmental Management in the Arctic region
  • Biology – Functioning of the Biological
  • Biotechnology – Ecological Biotechnology and Cell Engineering
  • Philology
  • Philology – Philology in the Professional Communications
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Cultural Studies – Applied Cultural
  • Design – Brand and Communication Design


The preparatory department of Syktyvkar State University holds pre-university training programs for foreigners in order to get ready for studying at the university in the Russian language. The programs are organized every year.

Students learn Russian and other general subjects depending on the university educational program they have chosen. The preparatory department provides the following programs:

  • Medicine-biology direction of study
    (subjects: Russian language, academic language, Chemistry, Biology, Physics)
  • Engineer-technical direction of study
    (subjects: Russian language, academic language, Mathematics, Physics, Information Technologies)
  • Natural science direction of study
    (subjects: Russian language, academic language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)
  • Economic direction of study
    (subjects: Russian language, academic language, Mathematics, History, Society studies)

The goal of pre-university training programs is to prepare international students for entering Russian higher educational institutions and studying in the Russian language. The educational programs are carried out by highly-qualified specialists certified as “Teachers of Russian as a foreign language”.

A Certificate is granted when the program is completed.

University Facilities:

  • 11 educational buildings (1 building is closed for major repairs);
  • 174 classrooms;
  • 5 libraries;
  • 84 scientific and scientific-technical laboratories;
  • 34 computer labs;
  • 6 museums;
  • 8 hostels.

Workshops on competencies WorldSkills Russia

In April 2019, SyktSU took part and became the winner of the Competitive selection for the provision of grants from the federal budget as part of the implementation of the event “State support of professional educational organizations in order to ensure that their material and technical base meets modern requirements” of the federal project “Young Professionals” ( Increasing the competitiveness of vocational education) “of the national project” Education “(lot” Information and communication technologies “). Participation in the federal project “Young Professionals” for 5 years, from 2019 to 2024, will create 5 workshops in the priority group of competencies for the implementation of high-quality high-tech secondary vocational education in popular specialties, as well as train highly qualified IT specialists for the economy of the Komi Republic.

The workshop is a structural unit of the University, equipped with a modern material and technical base that meets the requirements of the WorldSkills Russia infrastructure sheets posted on the Union’s website on the Internet, to provide practical training for students in accordance with modern standards and advanced technologies, including WorldSkills Russia standards.

Each workshop operates on the basis of the Charter of S. Pitirim Sorokin and the Regulations on the Workshop and ensures the implementation of the following functions:

  • provision of educational activities for educational programs of secondary vocational education, vocational training and additional professional programs (advanced training programs and professional retraining programs) at a level that meets international standards, including WorldSkills Russia standards, implementation of additional general education programs for children and adults;
  • providing conditions for assessing the competencies and qualifications of students and trainees;
  • support of vocational guidance activities of students of educational organizations, including training in the first profession.

The main mechanism for the joint use of workshops by educational organizations is network interaction (a network form of implementation of educational programs), as well as their use in accordance with the civil law of the Russian Federation under lease or gratuitous use agreements.

The creation and effective use of workshops makes it possible to modernize and improve the quality of educational programs of secondary vocational education through the introduction of modern educational innovative technologies and teaching methods, the introduction of a modular approach, updating the project component of the educational process, will expand the forms of assessing the educational achievements of students, develop new laboratory work, practical classes, master classes and, in general, become a platform for conducting intermediate and final certification based on a demonstration exam according to WorldSkills Russia standards.


8 student dormitories are united into the SyktSU Campus.

The campus has 1,390 rooms that can accommodate more than 2.5 thousand people.

Dormitories are provided to all foreign and nonresident students. The rooms are provided with all the necessary furniture.

On the territory of the hostels there are comfort zones, gyms, reading rooms.


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