Russian Educational and Cultural Centre “RUSVUZ” is a Russian Moscow-based international education consulting company for students who wish to continue their educational dreams in Russia. We have started our work in 1997. We work on the long-termed agreements with the top Russian universities which are globally recognized. “RUSVUZ” is accredited and works legally in Russia and abroad.  We provide personalized consulting on application procedures, documentation, qualifications, requirements, and deadlines. We interview students and parents to determine needs and goals. We develop a list of appropriate Russian universities or programs that meet the student’s needs and expectations. We construct a time line for overall procedures.

We maintain contacts with admission offices throughout the application procedures. We follow up after the student’s enrolment to monitor the “fit” for the student.

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Further, our consulting expertise includes cultural considerations, understanding Russian universities, how different universities approach international recruiting and care for their students throughout the process, obtaining student visas, and transitioning to Russian universities from abroad. We offer only universities which provide quality education according to the European standards. There are more than 500 offered degree courses available in Russian and English through RUSVUZ. During the last years, we have invited more than 12000 students to study at Russian universities.

Russian Educational and Cultural Centre “RUSVUZ” offers all fields and universities. We work in close cooperation with our agents and students, giving full assistance in all questions about admission, visa and living in Russia. We guarantee seats and visas to all our applicants. “RUSVUZ” takes care about every arrived student to make everyone feel home.

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