Study in Russia

When school is over, a foreigner can apply for a place in higher education institutions with the Russians.

Vocational studies for foreigners in Russia are distinguished by a number of nuances that are regulated by law. You can also apply to a Russian university with a school certificate obtained in another country. For this, there is a state system for attracting foreign students to domestic universities.


For those who wish to study at a Russian university who come from abroad, the admission procedure in general terms is as follows:

  • choice of specialization and higher education;
  • choosing a financing option and working out possible admission schemes;
  • collection and submission of documents;
  • admission, registration of a student visa

The process can be regulated by signed Agreements between the Russian Federation and foreign countries (for example, diplomas of secondary education are mutually recognized).


The modern system of higher education in Russia is built according to the Bologna principle and includes a bachelor degree (4 years of study), a magistracy (2 years). Then comes the postgraduate level or the so-called training of highly qualified personnel. Also, in many universities, a specialty has been preserved, where training lasts at least 5 years.

Russian universities offer several forms of education: full-time, evening-time. Each of them has its advantages.

Russian universities offer a variety of educational programs in a variety of areas of study. International students can choose any of them. Medical and engineering specialties, IT and others are popular. Many programs are not only in Russian, but also in English. In addition, for applicants who do not speak Russian, work preparatory departments, where you can learn the language and specialized disciplines.


Every year, over 250 thousand citizens from more than 150 countries come to Russia to study in educational institutions. Considering how many foreigners study in Russia, after analyzing their composition, we have identified some trends. For example, students from the Middle East and Africa are more interested in medical and engineering areas. Europeans have a priority in social and humanitarian specialties and the study of the Russian language, while those who came from Asian countries also have a physical and mathematical direction, computers, and medicine.


Admission process


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