According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Russia has one of the most educated population in the world. More than half of Russians have higher education qualification. More than 200,000 people from 168 countries come to study at Russian Universities. Russian Cultural and Educational Centre RUSSVUZ is the leader in students recruiting. The level of satisfactory of our arrived students is on the top. We care about everyone who trusted us and decided to study in Russia with the help of our professional team. There are a lot of advantages to study in Russia through Russian Cultural and Educational Centre RUSVUZ.

Here they are:

  • Assistance in wide range of universities
  • Assistance in choosing study fields from mathematics, medicine, IT, natural science, etc. to economics, engineering, aviation
  • Admission offer letter issuance
  • Issuance of invitation letter
  • Visa and financial guidance
  • Pre-departure guidance
  • Registration process at the university
  • No hidden fees
  • Students’ support during staying in Russia, answering their letters, sending necessary information, offering the best support service
  • Our Centre is regularly upgraded due to the rules and regulations issued by the Ministry of Education of Russia, so that we can qualified assistance and support our students in different situations
  • 24 hours guidance, etc.

Our students are assisted from the very beginning to finish and RUSSVUZ guarantees individual approach to every candidate.

Russian Cultural and Educational Centre RUSSVUZ has been working since 1997 and has a big experience in assisting international students with admission.  RUSSVUZ is a legally registered company and operates on the law of Russia. We represent Russian State Universities in any country of the world officially on the basis of long-termed agreements.

RUSSVUZ is accredited by the Russian Embassies all over the world.

RUSSVUZ has the professional staff who always help with any types of questions and requests. Students are fully coordinated by our managers.

Moreover, RUSSVUZ is a partner for many international organizations and programs, co-partners of academic centres. We cooperate only with the high accredited universities which Degrees are globally recognized.

RUSSVUZ protects interests of students and fully support them. All our programs are improved to tiny details during the period of foreign students’ admission into higher educational establishments of Russia. We’ve been working with Embassies and Consulates of Russia, which enable us to solve all problems related to visa issuance to our applicants. The most complicated problems are solved in the area of visa issuance, education process, documents verification.

RUSSVUZ has local representatives in many countries of the world. We are gladly assist new agents and help while visiting them with the seminars. We work only with the top agencies who understand the admission process and on whom we can fully rely. We appreciate sincere partnership.

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