Russian Cultural and Educational Centre “RUSVUZ” warmly welcomes all foreign agencies to cooperate closely. We fully provide them with the assistance, send all the necessary information and materials. Our managers give detailed information about the admission process and requirements, fee structure, universities and fields available, visa process, arrival and all other important information. We have local offices mostly in all countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America. RUSVUZ successfully works with our permanent partners all over the world and gladly welcomes new agencies to have business relations with us. We are looking for prospective companies in India, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, China, Morocco, Tunis, Namibia, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chili, Brazil, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova, Congo, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, etc. RUSVUZ guarantees high quality services, assistance of the partners ‘students during the whole period of studying, positive and healthy relationship in business questions, business visits upon request. We help with the invitations for Russia. We meet and guide our partners upon their arrival on the territory of the Russian Federation and reply other requests positively. Russian Cultural and Educational Centre “RUSVUZ” is ready to reply all your questions and our team is highly interested to work with YOU. All the individuals are very welcome as well.

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