Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University

Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University named after PA Stolypin (in 1996-2017 — academy) is a public institution of higher professional, secondary and post-graduate professional education.

Today Ulyanovsk Agricultural Academy is an authoritative high school not only in Russia, but also abroad. It fully realizes the principle of the continuity of education: the university conducts the preparation of students in 18 specialties and 13 areas of higher professional education, 5 programs of master’s training, 6 specialties of secondary vocational education. Training of scientific and pedagogical staff is carried out on 17 scientific specialties of postgraduate study and 2 specialties of doctoral studies.

Mission Statement

The mission of P.A. Stolypin Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University is to provide the educational, scientific, innovative and consulting competitiveness of the domestic agro-industrial complex on the world markets.

Strategic objectives of the university are:


  • to develop the professional and management potential of the competitiveness in the agricultural sector of the Ulyanovsk region;


  • to stimulate innovative processes and to increase the innovative activity effectiveness in the agricultural sector of the Ulyanovsk region;


  • to develop business activity of the rural population as a prerequisite of the competitiveness of the agricultural sector in the Ulyanovsk region;


  • to renew the cultural development of the rural community.


These identified purposes are fulfilled by means of:


The training of highly qualified agricultural specialists with a high standard of professional and social competence and an active citizenship and the necessary of professional capacity implementation: the readiness to take the responsibility, initiative and creativity, managerial skills and communicative competence, striving for high achievements, self-development and self-fulfillment;

Improvement of scientific – methodological, technological and methodical base of innovative processes in the agricultural sector;

Consultative support for management of the agro-industrial complex, projects and programs of agricultural development in the region

Development of educational and science – innovation infrastructure in the agricultural sector of the Ulyanovsk region which meets up-to-date requirements.

In view of the above-stated the strategic areas of the University’s activity are:


  • to develop fundamental and applied scientific schools, active interaction with leading research centers
  • to improve educational technologies, active interaction with leading educational centers
  • to develop the University’s organizational culture, based on the cooperation values, creativity and innovation, high achievements, personal development and self-realization of staff and students;
  • to support the harmonious development of students ‘personality, their striving for personal growth and personal fulfillment, to foster moral principles in their business behavior and civic activity, to develop students’ leadership qualities and ability to work in a team, readiness for entrepreneurial activities.
  • to support student government as a management subject of the educational institution;
  • to provide high-quality services to agricultural organizations and governing boards in the agro-industrial complex of the Ulyanovsk region in order to improve their efficiency, to offer educational and informational – consulting support of the government programs for the agricultural development in the Ulyanovsk region.

The university’s motto is “Agricultural education is your path to success”


Faculties of Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University:

  • Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Land And Food
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Economics


Student Accommodation


The Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy has six dormitories in its department.

Today, all needy students are provided with places in dormitories. The total number of places in dormitories is 1613.


Each dormitory has a self-training room, computers connected to the Internet, a sports hall.


Dormitories are in a convenient geographical location: within a radius of 100-200 meters you can find a library, reading room, dining room, public transport stop, stadium, parking lot, rental service, shops…


A great deal of importance is given to organizing extracurricular work with residents in the dormitory. During the year, more than 50 events are organized in different directions: competitions, sports competitions, spartakiad, creative evenings, concerts, discos, etc.


Each dormitory has a student council of dormitories.


Ulyanovsk City

Ulyanovsk is a city in the European part of Russia, the capital of the Ulyanovsk region, standing on Privolzhsky hill, on the banks of the Volga River (Kuybyshevsky water reservoir) and the Sviyaga River, 879 km southeast of Moscow.

Ulyanovsk places of interest

Ulyanovsk can rightly be called a city of museums. Numerous museums offer exhibitions about the city’s history, culture and architecture. The history of several museums has its origins in the distant past, when Simbirsk scholars and merchants collected and presented to their hometown great cultural and scientific heritage.

The most popular museums in Ulyanovsk are:

Museum of the History of Civil Aviation – one of the largest aviation museums in Russia. It is located near the airport Ulyanovsk Central also known as Baratayevka (Mozhaiskogo Street, 8/8).

The Memorial Museum of Vladimir Lenin opened in 1941. The unique exhibition of the museum introduces the life and work of Lenin on the background of the political history of the Russian Empire in the late 19th – the early 20th centuries, his contemporaries, allies, opponents. The collection of lifetime editions of Lenin, illegal and forbidden literature, satirical magazines is very interesting (Lenina Square, 1).

The museum “Urban Planning and Architecture of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk”. This museum located in an old mansion was opened in 2001. The mansion was part of the estate complex and was typical for the architecture of Simbirsk in the middle of the 19th century. The exposition occupies seven halls (Tolstoy Street, 24).

The museum “Simbirsk in the late 19th – the early 20th centuries”. The museum is located in the former estate of the priest I.A.Anaksagarov. It is not like an ordinary museum. There are several thematic rooms: ladies’ room with a miniature dressing table, elegant bottles etc.; dining room ready for dinner of the 19th century; living room with an old piano and furniture (Lenina Street, 90).

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