Grozny State Oil Technical University


The Grozny State Oil Technical University was founded in 1920 as the Higher Petroleum Technical School, consisting of eight divisions, two of which were higher. The first graduation of engineers took place in 1925. In 1929, the school acquired the status of a university of union importance.

By the mid-1980s, the scientific-pedagogical and material-technical potential of the institute made it possible to conduct training in almost all specialties of the technological cycle of oil and gas production. The GSOTU is forming its own scientific schools, known not only in the country, but also abroad. The scientists of the institute were engaged in fundamental developments in the field of oil and gas geology and geophysics, drilling and development of oil and gas wells, oil refining and petrochemistry, thermal physics, and construction.

Over its history, the GSOTU has trained more than 50,000 specialists for various sectors of the country’s economy. Among the graduates of the institute are five Heroes of Socialist Labor, ministers of the petrochemical and oil refining industries of the USSR.

At present, the material and technical base of the institute consists of buildings that meet the requirements and standards of the educational process, equipped with language laboratories, computer classes, and modern educational laboratories. There are 30 laboratories and 15 computer classes in all faculties of the institute. Since 2006, an information and computing center. The issue of intra-university publications is carried out by the publishing and printing center of the institute. Building No. 1 of the institute is connected to the global Internet, access to which, thanks to a developed local network, is possible from virtually any computer at the institute. By the end of 2007, it is planned to connect the Internet in the remaining buildings of the institute, the introduction of an automated document management system and educational process management. The library of the institute is equipped with the necessary technical means for storing and issuing books. Today, the general book fund of the institute is about 250,000 copies.

The educational process at the university is carried out by about 550 teachers, including 15 doctors of science, 70 candidates of science, 30 professors, 75 associate professors. Of the 37 departments of the institute, 22 are graduates who train specialists in 32 specialties. The institute trains about 6,500 students, including more than 3,500 full-time students. Over the past five years, the institute has graduated more than 3,000 specialists, 150 of whom received diplomas with honors.


  • Institute of Applied Information Technologies;
  • Institute of Oil and Gas;
  • Institute of Economics and Law;
  • Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining;
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering;
  • Faculty of secondary vocational education.


In 2012, there was a major overhaul, installed new plumbing, fire safety and power supply systems, double glazing.

The hostel has 4 floors, each of which consists of the north and south wings. They are equipped with everything you need: well-equipped toilets, spacious washrooms with soap dispensers, kitchens with electric stoves and ovens, kitchen furniture and dishwashing detergent.

Among the students there are those responsible for floors, special rooms, dormitories, etc. They keep order and take care of the equipment. You can always contact them for help or with questions.

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