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In 2017, there comes the 85th anniversary of Dagestan State Medical University. This age is considered to be the age of maturity and wisdom, of the covered way realization and its further progress. So much trouble and experiences had those people, who were at the forefront of our wonderful institution, have had! But they endured all the difficulties and succeeded in the opening of Dagestan Medical Institute. Here are some names of them: Muslim Nakhibashev, Omar Bairashevsky, Khadzhi Bulach, Georgy Pavlovich Rudnev, Yakov Savitsky,Petr Mavrodiadi, Anatoly Rossov and others.

In 1932 the Council of People’s Commissars adopted a historic resolution of Dagestan State Medical Institute foundation in order to prepare the medical staff for Dagestan itself and other North Caucasus republics. Special attention was paid to the medical staff training of the indigenous republic nationalities. Initially, Dagestan State Medical Institute had the limited theoretical and clinical base and the only department of general medicine.

Annually, there were accepted about 150 people for the first course. The Institute departments were mainly headed by the Candidates of Sciences.

Over the years of its activity, our Institute experienced formation period severity and hardships, epidemic trouble, famine and devastation brought  by the Great Patriotic War, the difficult years of post-war reconstruction, the hard reorganization period and it has not only survived but all this time it has been working with extraordinary dedication, strengthening its positions and increasing its glory.

At different times the fate of the University was ordered by the devoted to their duty people, who dedicated their lives to the service of medicine. They possessed good citizenship, keenness, artistic creation, but the most important thing was that they were distinguished by extraordinary kindness, cordiality and decency.

The high point of the Institute development was in 1970th-1980th. There were built morphological body, teaching and laboratory facilities, and a number of ancillary facilities. The Republic Clinical Hospital expanded significantly, dental and pediatric departments came into service. All this allowed the dental and pediatric departments to have been opened.  The institute qualified teaching staff has changed qualitatively. Almost all the departments have been headed by Doctors of Sciences, Professors mostly by those who were our institute graduates.

Initially, the Institute and now the University used to participate   and nowadays is still participating in scientific research sectoral matters, projected  by the head scientific institutions  of  the Russian Federation Ministry of  Health.

In nowaday’s    DSMU  scientist’s team there is great intellectual potential, significant experience of scientific, clinical, and innovation activities.

Currently, Dagestan State Medical University is a large educational, scientific and medical center, its structure consists of 5 departments,   of its own  large enough  base for fundamental and practical disciplines, an extensive network of all profiles clinical sites (over than 40) , 75 departments, headed by Doctors and  Professors  , Scientific – Research Institute of  mountainous territories human ecology, consultative – diagnostic clinic, medical college,  employment center  university graduates, information and  computing department, logistical support center, an analytical department, internet center, scientific medical library, sports complex, publishing and – polygraphic center.

Today, Dagestan State Medical University is a recognized innovative educational, scientific and cultural center of the region;it retains the best native traditions and enriches them with a new experience of the world educational and scientific space.


  • Medical Faculty
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Medical and preventive faculty
  • Faculty of Pharmacy


Currently, Dagestan State Medical University is a major educational, scientific and medical center, which consists of 6 faculties:

Ø Medical Faculty
The medical faculty is the largest and main educational, scientific and practical division of Dagestan State Medical University. The number of graduates of the medical faculty is annually about 200 international students. In the 2016-17 academic year is started English medium of instruction.

Ø Faculty of Pediatrics
At the pediatric faculty is a multifaceted work. So, the most important factor in the methodological work of the dean’s office is the continuity in teaching pediatric disciplines between specialized departments and improving the quality of training future specialists.

Ø Faculty of Dentistry
In 1965 the Faculty of Dentistry was opened in the Dagestan State Medical Institute. The academy and clinical and theoretical departments are equipped with computer equipment and computer classes are organized for examination control and for the daily training of students. The Academy has a great experience in teaching foreign citizens medical specialties and for 5 years has made a huge contribution to the training of specialists for foreign countries.

Ø Medical and Preventive faculty
The main task of the faculty is the training of personnel meeting the requirements of the country’s sanitary-epidemiological service in the conditions of a modern dynamically changing and developing society.

Ø Faculty of Pharmacy
The Faculty of Pharmacy was opened in 1999. To date, the faculty enrolled 115 students. For the training of pharmacists involved a great teaching potential. Teaching at the Faculty of Pharmacy is carried out by employees of the Dagestan State Medical University, who have scientific degrees of doctors and candidates of science.

Ø Preparatory Department



Educational and Scientific Advisory and Diagnostic Clinic of DSMU

At the clinic, specialists such as a urologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, general practitioner, gastroenterologist, gynecologist, oculist, and functional diagnostics doctor are receiving patients. More than 65% of polyclinics have a degree of at least a candidate of medical sciences. The management plans include the purchase of a spirograph and a system for daily blood pressure monitoring.

It should be noted that the clinic has a dental office, which recently completed repairs. It provides a wide range of dental services by qualified dentists.

Medical center “HEALER”

The Healer clinics provide qualified medical assistance in all areas, including therapy, pediatrics, gynecology, cardiology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, urology, endocrinology, traumatology, orthopedics, dentistry, dermatology, cosmetology, neurology, allergology, day hospital services, diagnostic, laboratory and instrumental studies, etc.

High Technology Medicine Center named after I.Sh.Ismailova

Since 2012, the Center has become the clinical base for the Department of Eye Diseases No. 2 of the Dagestan State Medical Academy. The department is headed by Professor Ismailov Muslim Ismailovich. The department trains students of medical, medical and preventive faculties, as well as clinical interns, residents, graduate students and ophthalmologists as part of certification training.


DSMU hostels are rightfully considered the best in the republic. This is confirmed by the fact that the DSMU hostel was recognized as the winner at the Best Student Dormitory Republic competition. sports and fitness work in the dormitories (campus) “.

Social and living conditions of students in dormitories are kept under the constant supervision of the university management. Distributing students to rooms, all participants involved in the process of settling students try to take their wishes as fully as possible into account.

All applicants on a budgetary basis are provided with housing, for students in a paid form, the university provides a hostel on a contractual basis, subject to availability.

Students from Cameroon, Botswana, Ghana, South Korea, Azerbaijan and other countries of the world also live in dormitories.

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