Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy

Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy was founded in 1936 as Perm State Pharmaceutical Institute. In 1995 it became Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy and then in 2005 it was renamed into the State Educational Institution of Higher Education “Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy of the Federal Agency for Health and Social Development”. In 2011 it gained the status of the State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy” of the Ministry of Health and Social Development. Shortly after in 2012 the name was changed into the State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Since 2016 it has the status of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

The Academy is licensed by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science and is in full compliance for the development and provision of educational activities in higher, postgraduate and additional training spheres. Appropriate certificates were issued (Educational License no. 0560 dated March 5, 2013; Certificate of State Accreditation no. 1186 dated February 5, 2015, valid until February 5, 2021).

The Academy provides education in Russian.

The Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (FSBEI HE PSPA MOH Russia) is one of two independent higher educational establishments delivering higher education and offering advanced training services in the field of general and industrial pharmacy for 60 Russian regions and 16 foreign states of North and Central Africa, the Middle East and the South-East Asia.

The graduates of the Academy work in the field of industrial production development and pharmacy manufacturing of medicines, their quality control, drug provision for the population, pharmaceutical supervision, chemical, physical-chemical and forensic analysis.

Currently the Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy is a dynamically developing higher educational institution with significant scientific potential oriented to the newest educational technologies. The graduates of the Academy are in great demand both in Russia and abroad.

The favorable geographic position of PSPA, including the location in the zone of a well-developed transport service and the rapidly growing social and market infrastructure, the high quality of training specialists and carrying out scientific-research works, contributes to increasing of demand for receiving the knowledge in the field of pharmacy from applicants and students from other subjects of the Russian Federation. It also attracts citizens from countries of near and far abroad, such as Israel, Morocco, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and others.

The stable development of foreign economic and other relations between Russia and the countries of the near and far abroad, the processes of integration of the Academy into the international educational and scientific system contributed to the becoming  of the Academy as a full-fledged acting entity in the international market of educational and scientific-research services and to the expansion of cooperation with such foreign partners as: Illinois University, Chicago, USA; University of Metz (France); Harbin Medical University, Harbin, PRC; Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing), National University of Singapore, World Health Organization, and others.

Scientific-research and scientific-methodical work in the Academy has a systematic character. The main directions of scientific research work on the development of new medicines based on products of organic synthesis and plant raw materials, the improvement of public drug supply and the solution of social problems of people and the improvement of educational technologies, correspond to the priority directions of the innovative development of the pharmaceutical science and are characterized by certain achievements. As a result, the number of contracts for R & D, extrabudgetary funding, numerous publications and participation in scientific conferences of various levels have increased. Thus, over 850 articles and theses have been published during the last 3 years, including 260 with the participation of students, 9 grants, 26 patents for inventions are received, also 20 applications for patents have been sent, and 20 patents for inventions are supported annually.

Five research areas of the Academy occupy a leading position in the development of modern pharmaceutical science. Scientists of the Academy are developing innovative dosage forms for the production of medical immunobiological preparations on the (Scientific Production Association) Biomed.

Together with the Ural branch of the Academy of Sciences, PSPA has developed anilokain, a new domestic local anesthetic of the amide type, which has anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial activity. On the basis of anilocaine in, new dosage forms have been developed in PSPA.

A part and parcel of the Academy’s activity is educational work, making conditions for self-realization and creative growth of students. Participation in KVN, theatre collectives, a wide network of educational centers, sports sections allow students to enhance their intellectual, creative potential, promote healthy lifestyle, and created a system for supporting students’ employment and employment of graduates promotes the establishing and maintaining contacts with potential employers.

The purpose of the development of the Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy in the foreseeable future is seen as the transformation of the Academy into a modern multifunctional state pharmaceutical center of international importance with the formation of an extensive infrastructure environment capable of sustainable development of the system of innovative education and science.

Faculties of Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy:

  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Chemical Technology
  • Faculty of Biotechnology



Student Accommodation

The Permian Pharmaceutical Academy has two student dormitories with a total number of places to live – 1288, living space is 13,673 sq m. There are 7.1 sq m per student. residential area. The provision of full-time students with a dormitory is 100%.

The Academy’s dormitories are equipped with fire alarm systems, video surveillance, control system and access management system.

The dormitories have branches of the library with reading rooms for 62 seats, classrooms for self-training students, sports rooms, rooms for the work of amateur art departments, canteens for 80 seats.

The dormitories maintain a satisfactory sanitary condition, observe temperature and light regime in accordance with the established city utilities terms and norms.


Perm City

Perm is a city in the east of the European part of Russia located near the Ural Mountains, the capital of Perm krai. It is a port on the Kama River, a large industrial, scientific, cultural, and logistic center of the Urals.


Perm features

Perm stands on the banks of the Kama River, the largest left tributary of the Volga, to the south of the mouth of the Chusovaya River. It is the third most extensive city in Russia after Moscow and Sochi and the third after St. Petersburg and Moscow by the area it occupies. Perm stretches about 70 km along the Kama.

According to the Russian linguist and academician D.V.Bubrih’s version, the word “perm” derives from a Vepsian word “perama” meaning “far-away land”. Permian geological period (often simply “Perm”) is named in honor of the Perm province. In 1841, the British geologist Roderick Murchison allocated this geological period when he was on an expedition in the Kungur district of the Perm province.

Perm climate is temperate continental. The average temperature in January is minus 12.8 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 18.6 degrees Celsius.

The city has a flag and coat of arms approved by the decree of Empress Catherine II on July 17, 1783. City Day is celebrated on June 12 and is timed to the Day of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation.

Perm is a large scientific center, where a number of institutions of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences are located as well as dozens of other research institutions and universities.

This city is the main economic center of the region and one of the largest economic centers of Russia. The local economy is based on heavy industry. The leading industries are: electric power, oil and gas processing, mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical, wood processing, polygraphic, and food industries.

Perm is the first city in the Urals in terms of output, leaving behind such large cities as Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, and Ufa.

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