Penza State University Medical Institute

Penza State University is the largest institution of higher education in Penza region and one of the leading universities of Russia.

The university provides training in 79 bachelor programs, 51 specialties, 30 master programs, and 10 programs of professional high education. The lectures are delivered by more than 180 doctors of sciences and over 780 candidates of sciences (Ph.D.).

Scientific research is carried out within 9 fields of sciences (engineering, physics and mathematics, history, economics, philosophy, law, pedagogy, medicine, sociology) in 14 lines of scientific investigation corresponding to scientific and technological development priorities of the region and the Russian Federation and complying with the standards of university specialists training.

There are 12 dissertation councils (including 7 councils to defend doctoral degrees) on 82 scientific specialties.

Few facts about Penza State University Medical Institute:



The formation and development of human capital, innovation and entrepreneurial potential on the basis of the latest achievements in educational, scientific, social, cultural and production areas to ensure the modernization of the economy, innovation and cultural development of the Penza region and other regions of Russia.

Faculties of Penza State University Medical Institute:

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Medical Cybernetics
  • Faculty of Pharmacy

“Faculty of General Medicine”

The Medical Faculty is the biggest structural and functional sub-division of the medical institute of PSU. The Medical Faculty has 20 big hospitals under it. Modern diagnostics and treatment facilities are available here. Foreign scientists and professors from countries like USA, UK, Germany, Canada and others are invited to read lectures. Medical Degree awarded by this faculty is recognized in all countries worldwide.

The number of seats in faculty of Medicine per year is 300, out of which 100 seats are reserved for foreign students with English medium.

There are 65 departments, where 450 highly qualified teachers are working.

All the above faculties and departments are well equipped with Electronic Microscopes, Bio-Chemical Laboratories, Radio-Isotope Laboratories, and lecture halls equipped with Tele-video and multimedia apparatuses.

There are 31 hospitals working under the medical institute of PSU out of them 8 hospitals with about 6000 beds are used for education of students.

Today this Academy is a big scientific establishment where fundamental, applied and methodical scientific researches are carried out.


The Dental Faculty of the medical institute of PSU has become one of the leading faculties in Russia for a period of about 10 years of its existence. It has all facilities to produce highly qualified dentists. Dental Degree awarded by this faculty is recognized in all countries.

“Medical Cybernetics”

In addition to higher education institute, implements 15 programs, internships, 19 residency programs and postgraduate 5 directions. Education – not the only aspect of student life. Medical students are actively involved in the creative life of the university. “Freshman”, “Come on guys”, “Miss PSU”, “KVN”, “Univervideo”, “International Students’ Day”, “Tatyana’s Day,” “Spring Evening” – is the most important and vibrant activities. Activists Institute organize and conduct an annual “Day of Knowledge”, “The Day of the Institute of Medicine,” “Donor Day”, “The smartest freshman,” “Day of the graduate” and other activities. Additionally, the Medical Institute developed system of self-government. Currently, the following student organizations: Student Council, Student Scientific Society, Trade Union Student Organization. Particular importance is given to the Institute of Science. A number of research works of students awarded diplomas and prizes. Conducts annual competitions in various disciplines, the competition for the best student scientific circle.


Interregional Conference “Actual problems of medical science and education” International scientific-practical conference “Modern problems of national biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. The development of innovation and human resource capacity of the Penza region”.

International Scientific and Practical Conference of Students and Young Scientists’ Youth and Science: the modernization and innovative development of the country”.


Biotechnology-based Eremothecium

Using xenopericardial plate cardioplant as resorbable membrane in outpatient dental practice

The study of the microcirculation of the periodontal tissues according to laser Doppler flowmetry and tissue oximetry

Craniometric laser system

Treatment of patients with post-burn scar strictures of the esophagus

The new combination: angiotensin II receptor blockers and beta-blockers in the treatment of hypertension

Features of the conduction system of the heart in isolated atrial fibrillation and differentiated approach to antiarrhythmic therapy

Development aromatic product with the scent roses obtained through biotechnological materials

Development of the individual elastic splints for the treatment of periodontal disease

Comparative evaluation of thrombolytic therapy by Actilyse, Metalize in patients with acute myocardial infarction with ST-segment elevation

Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of silver-containing drugs using PCR diagnostics in the treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases


Student Accommodation

There are 4 hostels, which can accommodate more than 2000 students. All the hostels are flat type i.e. with attached bathroom, toilet and kitchen. The hostels are centrally heated. The hostels are fully furnished. The basic system is two/three students in one room. Separate arrangements for boys and girls. There are two hostels specially renovated on.

The system of residence is separate for boys and girls, 2 and 3 seated big rooms, upgraded comforts, central heating, full furniture with beddings, room has a balcony with picturesque view, shower room, toilet, washbasin room, cable TV with Indian News & Informative Channels, charged Internet in every room, security guards, reception, laundry, cleaning and washing personnel, reading rooms, computer hall, Internet hall, recreation hall, 24 hour medical center, well equipped gyms with hi-tech machines.


Penza City

Penza is a city located on the Volga Uplands in the center of the European part of Russia, on the Sura River (a tributary of the Volga River), 642 km south-east of Moscow. It is an administrative, economic and cultural center of the Penza region.

Penza features

Penza climate is temperate continental. The average temperature in February is minus 9.1 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 20.4 degrees Celsius.

The city is divided into four districts: Zheleznodorzhny, Leninsky, Oktyabrsky, Pervomaisky. The main types of industrial products manufactured by local enterprises: steel pipes, machines for municipal utilities, medical equipment, instrumentation and automation equipment, chemical equipment, computer equipment.

Penza is a large railway junction. The federal highway M5 “Ural” (Moscow – Chelyabinsk) passes through Penza. The highway P209 Penza – Tambov starts here. Penza bus station is the largest in the region connecting the city with all district centers and neighboring regions.

In the southern outskirt of Penza there is an airport. Flights to Moscow, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod are available.

Penza urban transport consists of trolley-buses, buses and minivans. It is one of the largest cities in Russia which doesn’t have trams.

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