Penza State Technological Academy

Our University is a well-known leader of technological education of the Volga region:

  • We are among the winners of academic contest “Best Curricula of Innovative Russia”
  • We were awarded with honorary title “Best University of the Volga Region”.


Our University provides educational courses aimed at supporting priority economics spheres:

  • We offer a wide choice of in-demand specialties
  • We train competitive professionals
  • We offer employment assistance in Russia.


A highly effective program of foreign students’ adaptation is a feature of our University:

  • We offer individual academic support
  • We offer programs for cultural and social adaptation in Russia
  • We provide our students with a comfortable hostel.


Our university offers the best quality of paid education.


Faculties of Penza State Technological Academy:

  • Informatics and computer facilities
  • Machine Building Technology
  • Information systems and technologies
  • Technological machines and equipment
  • Informatics
  • Automation of Technological Processes and Producting Operations
  • Software engineering
  • Quality management
  • Biotechnical Systems and Technologies
  • Economics
  • Energy and Resource-saving Processes in Chemical Technology, Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • Management
  • Biotechnology
  • Service
  • Technosphere Safety and Security
  • Professional Education
  • Food products from vegetable raw materials
  • Fundamental and Applied Linguistics
  • Technology of Food Production and Organization of Public Catering

Student Accommodation

Students living in the dormitory of PenzGTU are obliged to:

  • enter into a tenancy agreement in the dormitory of PenzGTU;
  • observe strictly the rules of internal regulations in the dormitory, safety measures, fire and public safety;
  • live only at the place of temporary registration;
  • take care of the premises, equipment and inventory of the dormitory, use of electricity and water;
  • keep the rooms and common areas clean, clean the rooms (storeys) daily, participate in full-scale cleaning (monthly, last Friday of a month);
  • pay timely your fee for accommodation and utilities;
  • produce documents on security demand;
  • provide inspection capability of your room by PenzGTU staff.

Students living in the dormitory of PenzGTU have the right to:

  • live in the dormitory for study periods at PenzGTU, provided you follow the rules of internal regulations in the dormitory and your tenancy agreement;
  • use the premises of educational, cultural and household purposes, equipment, inventory of the dormitory;
  • collect student council and be elected its member;
  • participate in making decisions about the improvement of living conditions, leasure activities;
  • make requests to PenzGTU administration about repair, change of equipment and inventory;
  • use home appliances provided you follow safety measures and fire safety;
  • have guests in the allotted time.

Penza City

Penza is a city located on the Volga Uplands in the center of the European part of Russia, on the Sura River (a tributary of the Volga River), 642 km south-east of Moscow. It is an administrative, economic and cultural center of the Penza region.

Penza features

Penza climate is temperate continental. The average temperature in February is minus 9.1 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 20.4 degrees Celsius.

The city is divided into four districts: Zheleznodorzhny, Leninsky, Oktyabrsky, Pervomaisky. The main types of industrial products manufactured by local enterprises: steel pipes, machines for municipal utilities, medical equipment, instrumentation and automation equipment, chemical equipment, computer equipment.

Penza is a large railway junction. The federal highway M5 “Ural” (Moscow – Chelyabinsk) passes through Penza. The highway P209 Penza – Tambov starts here. Penza bus station is the largest in the region connecting the city with all district centers and neighboring regions.

In the southern outskirt of Penza there is an airport. Flights to Moscow, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod are available.

Penza urban transport consists of trolley-buses, buses and minivans. It is one of the largest cities in Russia which doesn’t have trams.



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