Ivanovo State Power University

Ivanovo Power Engineering Institute was founded on the basis of Ivanovo-Voznesensk Polytechnic Institute in 1930. In 1938 by the decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium IPEI was named after V. I. Lenin. In 1992 it was conferred a status of university.

Today ISPU holds one of the leading positions in the region in terms of quality of education, research, learning facilities and equipment.


Overall students staff totals about 7 000 people. 450 professors and lecturers including 57 Doctors and 279 Candidates of Engineering, Science, Economics and Education work for the faculties and research centers.


ISPU offers training of specialists, Bachelors and Masters in 44 areas of education in full-time and extra-mural forms of instruction.  In addition the university offers post graduate study in 29 specialities and doctorate study in 6 specialities.


ISPU offers foreign students full-time and extra- mural education on undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels.


The university includes the following faculties: Heat Engineering Faculty, Electromechanics Faculty, Electical Power Engineering Faculty, IT and Computer Science Faculty, Economics and Management Faculty, Extra Mural Faculty, Faculty of Foreign Students and Teachers Professional Development Faculty.


Within its administrative structure the university has a machine-building college.


ISPU is active in research. There are 10 large scientific schools, 14 centers dealing with education, research, development and implementation. ISPU scientific achievements have been awarded at the international exhibitions in London, Paris, Hannover, at the world famous Brussels International Exhibitions of Innovation and Geneva Salon of Inventions.


ISPU has the best scientific and technical library in Ivanovo region. All library operations from the book order to its delivery to the reader are automated. It is a member of Russian Library Association and a member of two library consortiums – RusLANet and ABRICON.

ISPU develops international cooperation with higher educational institutions in France, Germany, the USA, the UK, Israel, Hungary, Poland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Tajikistan which implies joint research work, exchange of professors and students, participation in conferences, seminars and exhibitions. ISPU is a partner of European EU4M-Consortium (a two-year European Union Master’s Course in Mechatronic and Micro-mechatronic Systems).


In 2005 with the assistance of French Embassy Russian-French Resource Center was established. There you can get information about grants, scholarships, in-company training and study in France as well as take English, French and German language courses.


Students, faculty and staff have all the conditions to maintain a healthy life style: Health Center which offers preventive medical examinations and treatment, a sport and health camp on Rubskoye Lake where students and teachers can recreate, university stadiums and gyms to practice 19 kinds of sport.  ISPU students take part in national and international competitions and demonstrate outstanding results.


Artistically creative students can develop their talents in the theatre of variety miniatures, music bands, dance groups and Student Television Studio. The best of them have repeatedly become winners of regional and All-Russian festivals and contests.


ISPU graduates are in great demand on Russian and foreign labor markets. Their professionalism is invariably acknowledged by numerous employers.


ISPU slogan is “SEMPER in MOTU!”


Faculties of Ivanovo State Power University:

  • Faculty of Electromechanics
  • Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering
  • Faculty of It and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Faculty of Physics and Engineering
  • Faculty of Heat Engineering


Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering

Field of Study: Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering


  • High Voltage Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering
  • Electric Power Stations
  • Electrical Power Engineering Systems and Grids
  • Electric Power Supply
  • Relay Protection and Electric Power Systems Automation
  • Electrotechnological Equipment and Systems

Faculty of Heat Power Engineering

Field of Study: Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering


  • Heat Power Stations
  • Water and Fuel Engineering at Heat and Nuclear Power Stations
  • Industrial Heat Power Engineering
  • Enterprise Power Supply
  • Workflow and Production Automation

Field of Study: Power Engineering Industry:


  • Gas-Turbine and Steam-Turbine Engines and Plants

Field of Study: Safety in Technosphere:


  • Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Physics

Field of Study: Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering


  • Power Engineering of Heat Technologies

Field of Study: Nuclear Power Stations: Design, Operation and Engineering (5,5 year Specialist Education Program)

Field of Study: Safety in Technosphere


  • Safety Engineering in Technosphere

Faculty of Electromechanics

Field of Study:  Mechanics and Mathematical Simulation


  • Experimental Mechanics and Computer Simulation in Mechanics

Field of Study: Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering


  • Electromechanics
  • Electric Drive and Automation

Field of Study: Machine Building Engineering


  • Machine-building Technology
  • Marketing of Technological Equipment and Machine Building Tools

Field of Study: Electronics and Nanoelectronics


  • Industrial Electronic Engineering

Field of Study: Control in Engineering Systems


  • Systems and Equipment for Automation and Control

Field of Study: Artistic Materials Technology

Faculty of IT and Computer Science

Field of Study: Control in Engineering Systems


  • Control and Information Science in Engineering Systems

Field of Study: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


  • Mathematical Simulation and Calculus Mathematics

Field of Study: IT and Computer Science


  • Mainframe Based High Performance Computing Systems

Field of Study: Applied Information Science


  • Applied Information Science in Infosphere
  • Applied Information Science in Social Communications

Field of Study: Software Engineering


  • Development of Software Systems

Faculty of Economics and Management

Field of Study: Management


  • Industrial Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing

Field of Study: Sociology


  • Sociology in Marketing and Advertising
  • Expert and Analytical Activity in Management

Field of Study: Advertising and Public Relations


  • Advertising and Public Relations in Electrical Power Engineering
  • Advertising and Public Relations in Business

Faculty of Correspondence Study (5 year programs)

Field of Study: Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering


  • Electric Power Supply
  • Electric Drive and Automation

Field of Study: Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering


  • Heat Power Stations
  • Industrial Heat Power Engineering

Field of Study: Electronics and Nanoelectronics


  • Industrial Electronic Engineering


  • Management (Faculty of Economics and Management)
  • Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering (Faculty of Heat Power Engineering)
  • Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering (Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering and Faculty of Electromechanics)
  • Control in Engineering Systems (Faculty of IT and Computer Science, Faculty of Electromechanics)
  • IT and Computer Science (Faculty of IT and Computer Science)
  • Software Engineering (Faculty of IT and Computer Science)

Student Accommodation

All dormitories are fully equipped with modern engineering communications: central heating, hot, cold water supply, sewerage, electricity supply.

The administration of the university, represented by the rector, concludes a mutual responsibility agreement with the students who settle in the dormitory, which stipulates all the requirements for students and their rights.

In order to safely live students there is a pass mode, watch equipped with telephones for emergency calls to the police, rescue services.



Ivanovo City

Ivanovo is a city located in the central part of European Russia, about 300 km northeast of Moscow, the administrative center of Ivanovo Oblast. It is also known under such names as the “city of brides”, the textile capital of Russia, as well as the “Russian and Red Manchester”.


Ivanovo – Features


The city of Ivanovo is located in the center of Ivanovo Oblast on the banks of the Uvod River, about 100 km from Yaroslavl, Vladimir, and Kostroma. Unlike these neighboring cities, Ivanovo developed primarily as an industrial center with a significant number of industrial enterprises. The City Day is celebrated at the end of May.


The climate is temperate continental. Summer is warm, but not hot; winter is moderately frosty with permanent snow cover. The coldest month of winter is January with an average monthly temperature of minus 12 degrees Celsius, the warmest month of summer is July, which average monthly temperature is plus 18.8 degrees Celsius.


Public transport in Ivanovo is represented mainly by mini-buses. In addition, the city has a network of trolleybus routes. There are 7 universities in the city: polytechnic, chemical-technological, energy, Ivanovo State University, medical, agricultural, and fire rescue academies.


In the northern part of the city there is the Ivanovo Northern Railway Station, which is a large railway junction. The first railway station was built in 1894. In 1934, a new, more spacious train station was built next to it, which to this day is the largest architectural monument of modernism in Russia. There are regular daily trains to Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Ivanovo is traditionally considered the center of the textile industry in Russia. At the moment, the number of textile enterprises has slightly decreased compared to the times of the USSR, but there are a lot of sewing enterprises. Today, food industry enterprises are developing, as well as trade and services. Also there are several chemical enterprises in the city.


Ivanovo, the center of light industry, received an unofficial name the “city of brides”, since a large number of women worked at its fabric manufacturing and processing enterprises. Andrei Mironov’s song “Well, why are we not a couple”, sounded in the Soviet movie “Honest, Intelligent, Unmarried” (1981), also played a certain role in the popularization of this expression. In each of its three verses there are such lines:

I tell you about my love again and again,

But when I will be tired of it,

You should know that I’ll go to Ivanovo,

And Ivanovo is a city of brides.

Ivanovo is one of the historical and cultural centers of the country located in the center of the famous tourist route known as the Golden Ring of Russia. The city has a number of different museums, 8 pilgrimage tourism sites, and about 400 historical and architectural monuments.

In the 1920s-1930s, the city experienced its heyday, due to its reputation as a revolutionary and proletarian city. In the number of architectural monuments of those years it is second only to Moscow in the Central Federal District. The architecture of the avant-garde is widely represented here (including constructivism), which includes about 50 buildings. Also, there are several almost completely preserved pre-revolutionary textile factories, which may be of interest to those interested in industrial design.

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