Angarsk State Technical Academy

The Angarsk State Technical University is a training center for specialists in petrochemicals, chemical technology, energy, instrumentation and construction for Angarsk and the East Siberian region as a whole. Established on the basis of the Angarsknefteorgsynthesis software plant, the university is still trying to maintain the priorities of training specialists focused on the needs of the region.

AnGTU sees its mission in the quality training of students, accumulation, preservation and increase of moral and scientific values of society. The main tasks of the ANGTU are:

  • Meeting the needs of the individual in intellectual, cultural and moral development, through higher and postgraduate education;
  • To meet the needs of society for qualified professionals with higher education and scientific and educational personnel of higher qualifications;
  • organizing and carrying out fundamental and applied research and development, research and technology work;
  • spreading knowledge among the population, increasing its education, providing additional educational and other services to residents of Angarsk and the East Siberian region.

Faculties of Angarsk State Technical Academy:

  • Faculty of Technical Cybernetics
  • Faculty of Technology
  • Faculty of Management and Business


Student Accommodation

There is a large blocks of flats housing of students, with fully furnished bedrooms organized around corridors or apartments with a shared kitchen. Free 24 hrs. gas, electricity, hot & cold water and phone available for students.

Rooms are centrally heated. As they’re typically located on or near campus, living there puts you at the center of student life.


Angarsk City

Angarsk is a city located in the Irkutsk region of Russia, the administrative center of Angarsky district. The city, named after the Angara River, is situated in the southern, the most economically developed, part of the region, between the rivers Angara and Kitoy.


Angarsk features

Angarsk is located about 5,200 km from Moscow, 46 km from the center of Irkutsk, 50 km from the airport “Irkutsk” and 117 km from Lake Baikal.

Trans-Siberian Railway and the federal highway M53 “Baikal” pass through the territory of Angarsky district. The city is an important node of pipeline transport.

Passenger buses and minibuses carry up to 85% of passengers.

Angarsk climate is continental with dry cold and long winter and short hot summer. The first frosts occur in mid-September, the last – at the end of May. The average monthly temperature in January is -22 degrees Celsius (absolute minimum -51), in July – +18 degrees C (+36,9).

Angarsk is in the list of Russian cities with the most adverse environmental conditions. In 2010, it held the third place in Siberia and the sixth place in Russia.


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