Lipetsk State Pedagogical University

In 2015, the reorganization of almost all spheres of life at Leningrad State Pedagogical University began, aimed not only at stabilizing processes, but at accelerating development, intensifying activities and developing new strategic guidelines.


A new leadership has come to the university. And about. The rector was Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Nina Vladimirovna Fedina. She proposed a new dynamic program for the development of the university, a part of which was the restructuring of Leningrad State Pedagogical University.


H as the basis of 13 faculties have been created 6 large specialized institutions that unite the departments of specialists dealing with related issues. The pooling of resources took place, new opportunities for scientific, educational and creative work in a single direction appeared. Thanks to this, the content of the taught disciplines is updated, the provision of scientific and fundamental knowledge of students, their cognitive independence, and a taste for research and professionally constructive activity are increasing.


Faculties of Lipetsk State Pedagogical University:

  • Institute of Natural, Mathematical and Technical Sciences
  • Institute of Philology
  • Institute of Psychology and Education
  • Institute of History, Law and Social Sciences
  • Institute of Culture and Art
  • Institute of Physical Culture and Sports

Student Accommodation

Students are offered to live in well heated and fully furnished comfortable rooms. Accommodation facilities for students are organized on the sharing basis. There are twin – and triple – rooms. Male and female students live separately on the different floors. All the hostels for students are protected by the police. There are special rooms for students where they can socialize, have fun and make new friends. All the rooms are provided with a bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, heater, and lighting, suitable for both: study and relaxation, as well as the Internet access and telephone for students to get in touch with their close friends and relatives.

Lipetsk City

Lipetsk is a city in Russia, the capital of the Lipetsk region, standing on both banks of the Voronezh River, about 445 km south-east of Moscow.


Lipetsk features

City Day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the city (the third Sunday of July). Metallurgist Day is also celebrated on this day in Russia.

The climate is continental. The average temperature in January is minus 8 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 20 degrees Celsius.

Public transportation is presented by buses, trolley buses, and trams. Lipetsk airport operates flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sochi.

Main industries of Lipetsk are machinery, metallurgy, metalworking, chemical, clothing, food and others. The largest enterprise of the region is Novolipetsk Steel Plant (NLMK). About 50,000 people are working there. Novolipetsk Steel is the main source of air pollution in the city.

Lipetsk is also known as a balneological and mud bath resort (the first resort was opened in 1805).

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