Computer systems

When you study Computer Systems, you will learn to design operating and control systems for space vehicles, or implement complex computer security systems. You can improve your prospects of finding work as a computer networking associate, junior internet or intranet network administrator or junior network design engineer with our computer systems course. You will become an expert in hardware and software integration. You will understand the language of interfaces and the input and output devices that connect the computer to the world. As a computer scientist, this expertise will give you a key role in the development of hardware and software systems.

Computer systems engineering is a growing market in today’s computer industry. Embedded systems have become widespread in industry and can be found in almost all modern consumer devices, from washing machines to cars.

The Computer Systems Engineering aims to develop your skills as a strong computer-based engineer, in demand in both industry and research. It will equip you with necessary knowledge and engineering skills related to modern day computer and embedded microprocessors, as well as embracing their structure, design and efficient operation.

You will study a variety of skills needed in computer and software engineering, including: object oriented design, systems engineering and advanced hardware. Along with core concepts of simulation, modelling, control, and optimization, you will develop the knowledge and understanding to work in advanced computer systems.

This course focuses on three main areas – the computer system, embedded systems and program development – and you will gain the technical expertise and knowledge to take a good idea from conception through to a viable product, a key characteristic for many employers. You will also acquire the transferable and cognitive skills necessary for lifelong personal and professional development.

The course aims to provide an enjoyable learning experience which will serve as a solid intellectual basis for a professional engineering career in embedded systems, systems-based programming and related fields.

You will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of computer systems, embedded systems, systems programming and real time systems, along with knowledge and understanding of modern computer architectures. You will be encouraged to use initiative and confidence in approaching engineering problems, investigating solutions using a blend of analytical and practical skills.

Teaching methods include lectures and seminars, laboratories and computer-aided engineering, group and individual projects, and online learning.


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