Taganrog Aviation College named after V.M.Petlyakov

Taganrog Aviation College named after V.M. Petlyakov is one of the oldest educational institutions in the South of Russia. Taganrog Aviation College of VM Petlyakov is a secondary specialized educational institution which was established in connection with the perceived need for qualified technicians for fast growing industry of Taganrog and mining areas of Donbass. Taganrog Aviation College was founded in 1899 as a Taganrog Technical School which in 1920 changed into Taganrog Metallurgical College and 1930 it became Taganrog Aviation College. Taganrog Aviation College continues to train specialists in their traditional specialties in the fields of Aircraft Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Software technology and automated systems. Today Taganrog Aviation College has 7 faculties, 44 departments and staff of 650 qualified teachers. Every year Taganrog Aviation College enrolls 3500 students. From 1899 Taganrog Aviation College has trained 45000 professionals.


Faculties of Taganrog Aviation College named after V.M.Petlyakov:

  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Programming in Computer Networks
  • Technical Regulation and Quality Management
  • Maintenance and Repair of Road Transport
  • Economics and Accounting

Student Accommodation

The dormitory has a perfect location: grocery stores, caf├ęs, and restaurants with Russian and international cuisine are within walking distance. All city attractions, museums, theaters, historic places are either within walking distance or easy transportation from the dormitory.

The dormitory also is conveniently located in terms of going to and from the airport, either by taxi or via metro.

The dormitory is a corridor-type residential building with shared facilities. One rooms usually accommodates three or four roommates. Entrances to the building are equipped with video surveillance and security posts.

Dormitory facilities:

  • Self-service laundry (in the basement)
  • Shared kitchens (on each floor)
  • Shared bathrooms.

Room facilities:

  • Beds with linens
  • Writing desks
  • Wardrobes/closets
  • Internet connection
  • Cable TV.

Taganrog City

Taganrog is a city in Russia, the second largest city of the Rostov region. It is located on the northern shore of the Taganrog Bay (the Azov Sea), about 50 km from the mouth of the Don River and the border with Ukraine, 1,144 km south of Moscow, 77 km west of Rostov-on-Don (the capital of the region).

Taganrog features

Taganrog is a seaside city located in the south-west of the Rostov region. The climate is relatively dry, temperate continental. The average temperature in December – minus 2.6 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 24.6 degrees Celsius.

The city got its name from Taganiy Rog Cape on which it is located. It is a large industrial, scientific, cultural, and historical center, one of the largest seaports in the south of Russia.

The largest enterprise of the city is Taganrog metallurgical plant: steel production, steel pipes for the oil and gas industry. Mechanical engineering is well developed in the city: boiler equipment for power stations, forge and press equipment, harvesters. Also there are military, chemical, light and food industry plants.

Public transport is presented by trams, trolleybuses, buses, and minibuses. Railway connects Taganrog with Rostov-on-Don, the cities and towns of the Donetsk region (Ukraine). The highway Rostov-on-Don – Mariupol (Ukraine) passes through the city.

Taganrog gave Russia and the world a lot of outstanding people: A.P.Chekhov (his 150th anniversary was celebrated in 2010), F.G.Ranevskaya, K.A.Savitsky, A.K.Kuindzhi, K.G.Paustovsky, I.D.Vasilenko, A.A.Durov, Ye.V.Obraztsova, M.I.Tanich.

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