Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

About MIPT

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is the leading technical university of the country, which is included in the prestigious rankings of the best universities in the world. Here they teach fundamental and applied physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, biology, computer technology and other natural and exact sciences. Today MIPT is an advanced scientific center. In recent years, 64 new laboratories have been opened here, where world-famous scientists work. They deal with the problems of aging and age-related diseases, applied and fundamental physics, nano-optics, quantum computing, photonics, and many others.

MIPT’s birthday is November 25th. On this day, in 1946, the Council of Ministers of the USSR issued a decree on the establishment of the Faculty of Physics and Technology (FPT) of Moscow State University, and after 5 years, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was established on its basis.

Three Nobel laureates are considered to be the founding fathers of the MIPT: Petr Kapitsa, Nikolai Semyonov and Lev Landau, as well as the MSU Vice-Rector for Special Issues and the curator of the predecessor of the MIPT FPT MSU Sergey Khristianovich.

They laid the foundation for education at MIPT – a unique “Physics and Technology Institute” system: the selection of the most talented applicants and the involvement of students in real research work under the guidance of eminent scientists in basic organizations. There are more than a hundred such partner organizations at the Physical and Technical Institute. Among them, in addition to a number of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the largest Russian companies are Yandex, Sberbank-technologies, ABBYY and many others.

About 7,000 students annually study at MIPT, and more than 80 academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences teach. By the way, this gives the largest number of academicians per student among all Russian universities.

During its existence, more than 36 thousand people graduated from MIPT, many of whom have achieved success in various fields of science, business and even art.


Dormitory number 1 is a four-storey dormitory of the corridor type, located two minutes walk from the educational buildings, opposite the dining room of MIPT.

On each floor there are 35 rooms, as well as two toilets and two washrooms with a place for drying clothes – one for each wing.

On all floors, except the first, there are two kitchens (on the first – one), each of which has a sink, table, two stoves with ovens.

There are also two shower rooms – male and female.

About Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia, a federal city, the administrative center of the Central Federal District and the center of the Moscow region, which is not included. The largest city by population in Russia and its subject – 12,630,289 people. (2019), the most populated of the cities fully located in Europe, is among the ten cities in the world in terms of population, the largest Russian-speaking city in the world.

Moscow is a popular tourist center of Russia. The Kremlin, Red Square, the Novodevichy Convent and the Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The climate of Moscow is moderately continental, with a pronounced seasonality.

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