Saint Petersburg State University Faculty of Medicine

Saint Petersburg State University which is also known as Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education is one of the oldest, largest and classical university in Saint Petersburg city of Russian Federation in Russia. Saint Petersburg State University was established in 1724 in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). Throughout its history, the name of Saint Petersburg State University was repeatedly changed. From 1821 to 1914 it was called the St. Petersburg Imperial University, The Imperial Petrograd University (1914), form 1918 — 1919 First Petrograd University, 1919 — 1921 Petrograd University, 1921 — 1924 Petrograd State University, 1924 — 1933 Leningrad State University, 1933 — 1937 Leningrad State University, 1937 Leningrad State University and in 1991 Saint Petersburg State University. Today St. Petersburg University has more than 30,000 students, nearly 6,000 teachers (1,500 doctors, almost 3,000 candidates, more than 40 academicians of public academies) in 304 departments. Till 2014 Saint Petersburg State University has trained over 90000 specialists. Saint Petersburg State University has a reputation for having educated the majority of a Russia’s political elite which includes current President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev.


Faculties of Saint Petersburg State University:

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Earth Sciences
  • Faculty of Journalism
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics
  • Faculty of International Relations
  • Faculty of Political Science
  • Faculty of Applied Mathematics
  • Faculty of Applied Communications
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Faculty of Sociology
  • Faculty of Dental and medical technology
  • Faculty of Physical education
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Military Studies

Student Accommodation

SPbU Campus comprises 21 halls of residence, with 12 located in Petrodvortsovy District of St Petersburg, 8 in Vasileostrovsky District of St. Petersburg and 1 in Nevsky District of St. Petersburg.

Currently SPbU provides approximately 12,800 places in its halls of residence.

All accommodation is furnished for living and studying; the halls have laundry facilities, cafes, canteens, shops, gyms and fitness facilities, and ATMs. All rooms have Internet access.

Foreign students who are admitted to SPbU for their 1st year of main educational programs are allocated places at SPbU halls of residence on the basis of a permit for allocation of a place in the halls. The permit can be obtained at the Office of the Admissions Committee for Foreign Citizens.

Accommodation for exchange and free mover students at SPbU halls of residence

Foreign students usually accommodated at the dormitory at Kapitanskaya street 3 in shared rooms for 2-3 people.

Exchange and free mover students majoring in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics and Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and studying in Peterhof are accommodated at SPbU halls of residence in Peterhof.



Saint Petersburg City

St Petersburg is a world-renowned city rich in history and culture and a Russia’s cultural capital. It is Russia’s window to Europe and home to many Russia’s leading university. St Petersburg’s architecture is an interesting mix of ages and styles of Rome, Venice, and Amsterdam. It is a city of romance and white nights. It has played a role throughout the history nationally and globally. St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is well deserving of its status.


Today St Petersburg is an industrial megalopolis and a big seaport. St Petersburg is a city that is constantly transforming its infrastructure performance and is so favored by its position as it is a great center of activity and trade for many our partner countries. It is actively engaged in car industry development (Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, GM), marine and shipbuilding industry (Admiralty Shipyard, Baltic Shipyard, North Shipyard, and others), power engineering industry, pharmacy, biotechnology, information and telecommunication technologies.


St Petersburg is home to many universities, with over 90 institutions of higher education and 350 research institutions. Many of them are internationally recognized as their alumni and academics are famous worldwide: outstanding scientists and inventors, prominent people in science, education, and culture globally.


St Petersburg has atmosphere like no other. It is due to its historical mission as a Russia’s cultural capital, diverse research and industrial potential, and artistic splendor. It is generally referred to as a museum under open sky as it inspires by the beauty of its monuments and palaces, squares and prospects, theatres and art galleries.


World Travel Awards announced the 2017 winner for Europe’s Leading City Destination as St Petersburg, Russia, and it marks its status of the world’s most visited city. Little wonder as it regularly holds various social, scientific, and entertaining events, exhibitions, forums, theatre performances, and concerts of brilliant artists and of various genres.

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