Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy

Pyatigorsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute, branch of the Volgograd State Medical University, unites academic traditions, advanced educational technologies in teaching, rich scientific and practical experience with innovations in education and is the flagship of medical and pharmaceutical science in the south of Russia.

The university is included in the register of universities of UNESCO and is highly valued both in Russia and abroad.

The University is located in the resort part of the North Caucasus of the Russian Federation, combining healing air, mineral waters and amazing beauty of the mountain landscape.

The University provides training in the following programs: pharmacy, dentistry, medical practice, medical biochemistry, special (defectology) education, management, pre-university training, postgraduate education programs – residency, postgraduate study.

Upon graduation, graduates receive a state diploma. A graduate, if desired, can receive an additional document – the “Diploma Supplement”, which allows him to obtain the equivalence of a diploma in any country in the world for continuing education or employment.

The university develops as a multicultural space in which different ethnic cultures enrich each other and become a factor in the sustainability of social systems. The university is focused on integration into the world system of higher education, active development of new directions and technologies in the development of education and science.


Faculties of Pyatigorsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Academy:

  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • General Medicine
  • Medical Biochemistry

Members of the faculty of the University regularly participate in international conferences, competitions for grants, successfully undergo internships abroad, which contributes to maintaining high pedagogical traditions and increasing the level of professional competence.


Research work is a priority direction of the university. Scientists of the University independently developed and introduced a number of original and reproduced medicines, regularly test new medicines on the order of their producers, successfully develop and manufacture biologically active food supplements on the pharmaceutical market.


Strong and highly qualified pedagogical potential allowed the University to participate in the development of the draft state educational standard for higher professional education in the specialty “Pharmacy”.


Modern scientific achievements of scientists of the University are recognized by domestic and international scientific communities.




An education at the University is built on the basis of such corporate principles as:


  • fundamental and continuous education
  • innovations in pedagogical technologies and modernization of educational process
  • ensuring the quality of education and research in the field of pharmacy and medicine
  • the unity of science, education and upbringing
  • integration into the world scientific and educational space

Following the best traditions of Russian education, the University attaches great importance to the level of professional training of future specialists.




Since 2013 the Center for World Languages and Cultures has been functioning at the University.


Goals and objectives of the Center:


  • development of international cooperation
  • study of rich cultural and linguistic heritage
  • increase the level of knowledge of foreign languages
  • Students of the University receive additional opportunities for professional internships in various countries, which increases the demand for graduates in the labor market.


Students of the University also have all the opportunities to obtain additional professional education in the field of medicine and pharmacy, management, economics, marketing, etc.


Student Life and Accommodation

During the period of study at the University, students live in a student hostel or hotels / apartments in the city with fully furnished rooms designed for 2-3 people.


The University attends to the adaptation of foreign students with great attention, provides support and support from the first days of arrival to study before obtaining a diploma.


The University is a common home in which good and friendship live. On the basis of the University there are student clubs, music, dance, theater and sports groups. A wide popularity among students is enjoyed by the Council of Students and PhD students, the Volunteer Center and the Ethnic Council.

Great attention is paid to sports in the university. The sports center of the University allows you to practice various sports. At the University, the Student Sports Club “Paporotnik” and the sports camp “Daut”, where all conditions for a healthy rest are created, operate.

The University is a creative platform where students successfully realize their numerous talents. Every year the university hosts many events:

  • Festival of National Cultures “Colorful Planet”
  • All-Russian competition “Student Spring”
  • The Student of the Year Award
  • Contest “MedPharm voice”
  • Action “Give life”
  • Competition for the best room in the hostel
  • Rope tours
  • Quests and many other entertaining activities

The University treats talented children with care and attention and sends them to take part in various scientific, creative and sports events in various universities and cities of Russia.


Pyatigorsk City

Pyatigorsk is a resort-city located in Stavropol krai, Russia. It is the oldest spa and mud resort of federal importance as well as an industrial, commercial, scientific, cultural, and tourist center of the Caucasian Mineral Waters (Kavkazskiye Mineralniye Vody) eco-resort region.

Pyatigorsk features

Pyatigorsk is located 193 km south-east of Stavropol, 25 km south of Mineralniye Vody, at an altitude of about 525 meters above sea level. The city is situated close to the Caucasian mountains, on Stavropolskaya hill, mainly on the left bank of the Podkumok River. Beshtau Mountain is the highest point in the area around the city (1,401 meters).

The climate is characterized by mild winters and hot summers. The average temperature in January is minus 3,8 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 21,1 degrees Celsius.

Pyatigorsk City Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of September. Since its founding, Pyatigorsk resort was visited by such famous people as Pushkin, Lermontov, Glinka, Tolstoy, Griboyedov, Belinsky, Pirogov, Gorky, Shalyapin.

Pyatigorsk has a large number of universities, about 40,000 students study at them. That’s why Pyatigorsk is also known as the city of students.

The local economy is mainly service oriented. There are food industry plants. The unique geographical location close to numerous mineral springs determined the development of mineral water bottling plants.

The city has over 40 mineral springs differing in chemical contents and temperature. Pyatigorsk is sometimes called “the natural museum of mineral water” because of the unique diversity of mineral springs on a small area around Mashuk Mountain.

Pyatigorsk is the place where the events of the novel “A Hero of Our Time” (Lermontov) took place. Some events of the novel “The Twelve Chairs” (Ilf, Petrov) also took place in this city.

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