Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies

Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies named after Morozov is a higher educational institution of the city of Voronezh. Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies is one of the oldest educational institution in the city of Voronezh. Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies was established in 1930. Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies prepares bachelors, masters and specialists in a wide range of technical, economic and humanitarian areas for businesses, organizations and institutions for the sector of the economy, environmental protection and rational use of natural resources and Auto-road complex. At present Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies has 7 faculties and 30 departments. Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies employs highly qualified staff of 560 people. Till now Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies has trained 26000 professionals.


Faculties of Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies:

  • Road Construction
  • Forestry
  • Timber
  • Mechanical
  • Economics
  • Distance Education
  • Social Professions

Student Accommodation

The dormitory has a perfect location: grocery stores, cafés, and restaurants with Russian and international cuisine are within walking distance. All city attractions, museums, theaters, historic places are either within walking distance or easy transportation from the dormitory.

The dormitory also is conveniently located in terms of going to and from the airport, either by taxi or via metro.

The dormitory is a corridor-type residential building with shared facilities. One rooms usually accommodates three or four roommates. Entrances to the building are equipped with video surveillance and security posts.

Dormitory facilities:

  • Self-service laundry (in the basement)
  • Shared kitchens (on each floor)
  • Shared bathrooms.

Room facilities:

  • Beds with linens
  • Writing desks
  • Wardrobes/closets
  • Internet connection
  • Cable TV.

Voronezh City

Voronezh is a city in the European part Russia, the capital of the Voronezh region, situated on the banks of the Voronezh water reservoir (the Voronezh River), about 520 km south of Moscow. It is a cultural, industrial and scientific center of the region.

Voronezh features

Voronezh is considered the “cradle” of the Russian Navy and the birthplace of Russian airborne troops. There is a nuclear power plant located near the city, served by a satellite town of Novovoronezh (New Voronezh).

Voronezh City Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of September. The city is located in the temperate climate zone. The average temperature in February is minus 7.4 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 21.8 degrees Celsius.

Voronezh International Airport (Chertovitskoye) offers regular flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Kazan. Voronezh is also an important railway hub of the region. There are regular trains to Moscow, Kursk, Sochi, Tambov and other cities. Public transport is presented mainly by buses, minibuses, trolleybuses.

The most known educational facility of the city is Voronezh State Medical Academy (VSMA) (included in the list of Top 10 Russian medical universities). Thousands of students from all over the world (European countries, India, Iran and others) are studying in VSMA.

Voronezh is one of the largest economic centers of Russia with developed food, chemical, electronic, and engineering industries.

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