Taganrog State Radio Technical University

SFedU traces its history back to 1915. Many students have already had the opportunity to appreciate the advantages of studying at SFedU, some of which are listed below.


– The deserved top place occupied by SFedU in the academic rankings of Russian universities; the well-established traditions maintained by SFedU in the area of education and research; the image which is positive and looks attractive to the prospective applicant


– Diverse opportunities of postgraduate and further education; the well-developed network of university branches in the South of Russia


– A leading position in the area of innovations and research; integration of research into education; a winning combination of fundamental and applied research; highly reputed schools of thought; open-minded and creative teaching staff; up-to-date research facilities and appliances; collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences and international research facilities


– Extensive supportive infrastructure for increased efficiency of professional and research training (Research & Education Centers, Centers providing public access to research facilities, scientific journals published by SFedU, SFedU Publishing Center, etc.)


– Great diversity and flexibility of study programsSFedU applicants can pick and choose from a range of Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degree programs in a broadest range of sciences and humanities: history, philosophy, art, economics, law, psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science. Each program contains a number of core courses, but apart from them students can choose between elective courses. It is also possible to apply for several programs


– Up-to-date research facilities and opportunities for young researchers

SFedU is proud of its numerous research institutes dating back to the Soviet era, but equipped with cutting-edge facilities. SFedU researchers strive to exchange experience with foreign colleagues and frequently visit international conferences. High Scopus citation score bears evidence to the importance of our scientific publications.


– Well-established century-old traditions maintained by SFedU

SFedU history dates back to 1915, and since then the university has gained a strong reputation for the achievements of its faculty and researchers, as well as students and graduates. Nobel Prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is among them.


– The global stength of our reputation and qualifications. International dimension

SFedU strives to make sure that all the study programs we offer are kept in line with international standards and the principles of the Bologna Declaration. Many programs have undergone international accreditation. SFedU maintains partnership links with numerous highly-reputed universities and research centers worldwide. We foster diversity and welcome international exchange and cooperation.


Brief History


Southern Federal University (SFedU), along with Siberian Federal University, was founded as the pilot project of new federal universities establishments. Currently, there are only ten federal universities in Russia. SFedU embraces four former higher educational establishments of the Rostov region: Rostov State University tracing back to 1915 the year Imperial Warsaw University was transferred to the city of Rostov; Rostov State Teachers Training University formed in 1930 out of the Teachers Training Faculty within North Caucasian University; Taganrog State Radio Engineering University founded in 1952; and Rostov State Academy of Architecture and Art formed in 1988 on the basis of the Faculty of Architecture within Rostov Civil Engineering Institute.

Faculties of Taganrog State Radio Technical University:

  • Radio Engineering;
  • Automation and Computer Engineering;
  • Electronics and Electronic Equipment Engineering;
  • Natural Science and Humanities;
  • Control in Economics and Social Systems;
  • Informational Security;
  • Retraining and Life-Long Learning;
  • Correspondent Studies,

Student Accommodation

The central campus of University is located in the very center of the city. Students’ dormitory is only 5 minutes’ walk away from the campus. Each room in the apartment is equipped with: A bed, beddings, desk and chair, curtains. Bathroom is shared between double and triple roommates​.
Shared facilities (for all the international students): Refrigerator, microwave, kitchen-range, toaster, TV, cooking utensils (pot, frying pan, knife, cutting board, etc.), laundry room. Free Wi-Fi is available. ​ ​The dormitory is guarded 24 hours.

Taganrog City

Taganrog is a city in Russia, the second largest city of the Rostov region. It is located on the northern shore of the Taganrog Bay (the Azov Sea), about 50 km from the mouth of the Don River and the border with Ukraine, 1,144 km south of Moscow, 77 km west of Rostov-on-Don (the capital of the region).

Taganrog features

Taganrog is a seaside city located in the south-west of the Rostov region. The climate is relatively dry, temperate continental. The average temperature in December – minus 2.6 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 24.6 degrees Celsius.

The city got its name from Taganiy Rog Cape on which it is located. It is a large industrial, scientific, cultural, and historical center, one of the largest seaports in the south of Russia.

The largest enterprise of the city is Taganrog metallurgical plant: steel production, steel pipes for the oil and gas industry. Mechanical engineering is well developed in the city: boiler equipment for power stations, forge and press equipment, harvesters. Also there are military, chemical, light and food industry plants.

Public transport is presented by trams, trolleybuses, buses, and minibuses. Railway connects Taganrog with Rostov-on-Don, the cities and towns of the Donetsk region (Ukraine). The highway Rostov-on-Don – Mariupol (Ukraine) passes through the city.

Taganrog gave Russia and the world a lot of outstanding people: A.P.Chekhov (his 150th anniversary was celebrated in 2010), F.G.Ranevskaya, K.A.Savitsky, A.K.Kuindzhi, K.G.Paustovsky, I.D.Vasilenko, A.A.Durov, Ye.V.Obraztsova, M.I.Tanich.

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