Saratov State Technical University named after Y.A. Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov (SSTU) is one of the leading technical higher education institutions in Russia. In 2017 it was awarded with the status of Flagship University.


The mission, goals and development areas of SSTU are connected with the national Strategy-2030 of social and economic development of Saratov region.

SSTU facilities are provided with hi-tech equipment. The campus is an attractive and comfortable area, including excellent playing grounds for sports and creative activities, and comfortable residence halls.


The degree programs are designed to prepare engineers that meet the standards of the Russian and world economies. Each program is to undergo expert appraisal by the community of professionals.


Among the faculty members you will find specialists from the leading companies and enterprises of the region who share their knowledge and skills through on-the-job training programs. The students are inspired to study new topics connected with getting the new skills and competences necessary for the current market trends giving significant career opportunities.


Traditionally, even undergraduate students focus on the development of their academic research skills and expertise, participate in the work of the university research teams, apply for and win research grants to realize their in-house projects. On the basis of their merits and excellence in social activities, they are awarded academic scholarships or provided an opportunity to take part in student exchange programs with universities around the world.


Apart from academic activities, the students have an extensive range of opportunities to become involved in various sports clubs and creative cultural societies. They can take part in volunteering activities, or student government projects.


SSTU faculty members are dedicated to a long-standing tradition of research and have established an array of leading research schools covering biomedicine, neurosciences, nanotechnologies, photonics, chemistry, materials science, civil transport systems, information and energy saving technologies, civil engineering and architecture.


The primary focus of the research interests of SSTU faculty members is to ensure effective and continuous links between the university research centres and enterprises and businesses to introduce their developments into the manufacturing process.


To deliver high quality teaching and outcomes for the students is essential for SSTU.


In fact, Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov can be proud of its alumni who have established careers as renowned academics, famous politicians, military officials, chief executive officers of the biggest enterprises in Russia, and recipients of the State Prizes.

Faculties of Saratov State Technical University named after Y.A. Gagarin:

  • Institute of Electronic Engineering & Instrumentation
  • Institute of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
  • Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Institute of Applied Information Technologies & Communication
  • Institute of Power Engineering & Transport Systems
  • Institute of Urban Planning, Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • Institute of Social & Industrial Management
  • Engels Institute of Technology (branch)
  • Institute of Continuing & Pre-University Education

Student Accommodation

We are glad to help you find accommodation according to your needs: comfortable supervised student residence halls, equipped with everything you might need within 5-minute’s walk in campus, or maybe individual apartments, or living with a Russian host family.

The residence hall’s rooms are usually shared by two or three students. Each floor has a common meeting room. There is bed linen at the dorm, small towel and some of kitchen stuff. Bathrooms and showers are also for common use.

Wi-Fi is available in lobby of the residence hall.


There are a lot of opportunities – 4 canteens and student cafes at SSTU or common kitchens where you can cook according to your needs are available at each floor of student’s residence halls. There is a great number of Russian and ethnic restaurants all around the city.

Electricity: 220 V Computers & Internet

Computers & Internet

Every student is provided by free access to university’s computer classes and library electronic resources.

Saratov City

Saratov is a large city located in the southeast of the European part of Russia, on the right bank of the Volga River. The capital of the Saratov region, it is located about 840 km south-east of Moscow. It is an important cultural, economic and educational center of the Volga region.

Saratov features

On the coat of arms of Saratov, you can see three silver sterlets meaning their abundance in the area. The sterlets, forming a Greek letter “epsilon”, symbolize “the choice of a decent way of life at the crossroads.”

The city stretches for 34 km along the Volga. The central and southern parts of Saratov are situated in the valley, surrounded on three sides by low mountains of Volga Uplands: Sokolovaya (165 meters), Lysaya (286 m), Lopatina (274 m), Altynnaya (251 m ), Uvek (135 m). Urban public transport is represented by trams, trolleys, buses, minibuses, and taxi.

Saratov climate is temperate continental. The city has long (about four months), moderately cold winters and hot, often dry summers. The average temperature in February (the coldest month) is minus 8.1 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 22.4 degrees Celsius.

The city is known as a center of higher education, research and scientific activities. Beside one of the oldest Universities in Russia, there are over a dozen of colleges in the city.

Saratov is an important industrial center of the Volga River area. Machine-building, oil and chemical industries are well developed. About 70% of the industrial product of Saratov is produced by large engineering plants.

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