Ryazan State Radio Engineering University

RSREU (up to 1993 Ryazan State Radio Engineering Institute, now – Federal state budget educational institution of higher education “Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F.Utkin”) was founded in 1951. It is located in Ryazan, an ancient Russian town situated on the bank of the Oka-river, 180 kilometers south-east from Moscow. The town has a rich history and is famous for its cultural traditions.

The University ranks high among the leading educational institutions in Russia. Since its foundation, the University has trained more than 50 000 specialists. Presently more than 6 500 students are enrolled at the University.

The University is a large specialized academic and research center which consists of 5 full-time departments: Radio Engineering and Telecommunication, Electronics, Automation and Information Technologies in Management, Computer Science, Engineering and Economics. The University trains engineers, economists, managers. Bachelor’s (23 programs), Specialists and Master’s (13 programs) degrees earned here make a strong basis for future career building.

The teaching staff consists of 550 experienced members including professors, assistant professors, D. Sc., PhD, the State Prize laureate academicians, honorable scientists, etc.

The University is equipped with up to date academic and research facilities. Educational television, cinema, audiovisual technologies, computer-aided design systems, information technologies, etc. are widely used in academic process. Our international graduates take perspective and well-paid positions all over the world.

Postgraduate study offers 20 programs for a degree of Candidate of Science and 16 – for a degree of Doctor of Science.

A research library with reading halls is at the disposal of the students. The library funds contain more than 900 000 volumes.


The University has its own geographically distributed high-speed corporate network Extranet including more than 2000 computers located in different buildings and hostels of the University. Internet and Intranet – sites of the University, digital library and other information resources are also functioning. The University has an access to global networks (Internet and Runet) through fiberoptic wire telecommunication channel and uplink.

Faculties of Ryazan State Radio Engineering University:

Faculty of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications

  • Department of Theoretical foundations of electrical Engineering
  • Department of Radio engineering systems
  • Department of Electronic devices
  • Department of Radio control and Communications
  • Department of Physical education

Faculty of Electronics

  • Department of Industrial Electronics
  • Department of Electronic devices
  • Department of Chemical technology
  • Department of Micro and Nano Electronics
  • Department of General and experimental physics

Faculty of Automation and Information Technologies in control

  • Department of Automation and Information Technologies in control
  • Department of Information-measuring and Biomedical Engineering
  • Department of Automated control systems
  • Department of Automation of information and technological processes
  • Department of Higher Mathematics
  • Department of Information technologies in graphics and design

Faculty of Computer Engineering

  • Department of Electronic computers
  • Department of Systems of Automated Design of computational tools
  • Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics
  • Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
  • Department of Information Security

Faculty of Engineering and Economics

  • Department of Economy, management and production organization
  • Department of Econometrics and Mathematical Modeling
  • The Chair of the State and Municipal Management and Economic Theory
  • Department of Life activity safety and ecology
  • Department of Quality management and certification
  • Department of Financial management
  • Department of Economic analysis and accounting
  • Department of Foreign languages

 Human sciences Institute

  • Department of Politology and social work
  • Department of History and Philosophy
  • Department of Jurisprudence

Student Accommodation

In the Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F. Utkin there are 5 hostels, 4 of them are situated nearby the main academic building. All students from other cities along with the foreign students, postgraduate students are provided with a bed in the university’s hostels according to the sanitary norms and the Student hostel regulations.

There are sport fields for basketball, volleyball, tennis training in the territory of the student town. There are sport rooms in every hostel.

Ryazan City

Ryazan is a city in Russia, the capital of the Ryazan region, standing on the right bank of the Oka River. It is a major scientific, military and industrial center of the country, a large river port located 196 km south-east of Moscow.

Ryazan features

Originally “Ryazan” was the name of the capital of the Ryazan principality located about 50 km south-east of the present city. Today, you can find the historical and landscape museum-reserve Staraya Ryazan (old Ryazan) there.

Ryazan climate is temperate continental. The average temperature in February is minus 7.9 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 19.2 degrees Celsius.

The coat of arms and flag of Ryazan are the image of a prince standing in a golden field and holding a silver sword in his right hand and a silver sheath in his left hand. The sword symbolizes protection. The prince is a collective image of a defender of the motherland and does not refer to a specific person.

In the city and around it, there is a network of monasteries, some of them – Holy Trinity, Solotchinsky, Poschupovsky – are among the oldest monasteries in Russia.

The main types of urban transport are buses, trolley-buses, and minivans.

Ryazan land, one of the oldest areas of Russia, is the historical successor of the Grand Duchy of Ryazan. In Ryazan and around it, there is a whole network of different architectural, cultural, natural, and archaeological sites. A relatively well-developed network of hotels, resorts, and campgrounds allows tourists to visit the sights of the Ryazan region without the daily arrival at Ryazan.

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