Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI)

M.I. Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University is the oldest and the most authoritative university in Russia.  It was founded in 1907 with the approval of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II.  The university was the first higher educational institution established in the south of Russia. It got the status of the State University.

According to the RAEX rating agency, the University is among the 50 best technical universities in Russia (out of more than 1200) with the highest reputation among employers.


The University is the largest educational, cultural and scientific center of the region.  Today the main activities of the University are the training of highly qualified engineering personnel for modern technological production and the conduct of fundamental and applied scientific research.


Graduates of the University receive a state-recognized degree, testifying that they received higher education with an indication of the degree / qualification and specialty.  A graduate, if desired, can receive an additional document – the “Diploma Supplement”, which allows him to obtain the equivalence of a diploma in any country in the world for either continuing education or employment.


  • 1907 year of foundation
  • 15 faculties / institutes
  • 35 degree programs / specialties
  • 2054 lecturers
  • 24 000 students
  • 500 international students from 30 countries


University’s Achievements




The university was included in the list of the best universities in Russia on the basis of the contest “100 best universities and research institutes of Russia” and was awarded a gold medal.




The team of the University students became the bronze medalist of the III International Olympiad of University Students in Theoretical Mechanics.




The University was among the priority projects of the Government of the Russian Federation and declared the center of innovative development of the region.




The team of students of the University won the first prize in the All-Russian competitions of student clubs, fraternities and associations “Big Tournament -2016”.




Members of the University team won prizes at the International Industrial forum “Engineers of the Future-2015”.




Employees of the University were awarded state awards and an honorary Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”


Quotation / Historical Background


The University bears the name of Matvei Ivanovich Platov, an outstanding commander, Don Ataman, a general from the cavalry and the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812.


Teachers of the University


80% of the higher-education teaching personnel of the University have an Academic Degree of either a Doctor or a Candidate of Science.


Professors of the University combine in their educational activities fundamental theoretical knowledge and work experience in modern industries.  Due to this, students have the opportunity to learn from competent professionals who are really in the profession and know all the manufacturing processes thoroughly.


Serious work is being done at the university, aimed at forming young scientific and engineering elite. Youth scientific laboratories have been established and are actively working at the University.  The development of the research potential of young scientists is a strategic state task. Study at the University gives an opportunity to communicate with talented scientists and famous professors, which allows each student to develop his/her individual potential to the maximum.


International cooperation


The University can rightfully be considered a center for the training of engineering personnel for the world market.  Currently more than 500 representatives of 30 foreign countries study at the University.


International activity is one of the main directions of the University development.  For the effective implementation of this activity, the Institute for International Education was established within the structure of the University.  The Institute has developed a number of educational programs on promising areas of science and technology together with the leading technical universities in Germany and the University of Applied Sciences in South Westphalia.


The University is a member of Erasmus + consortia of European programs.  This allows the University to annually participate in the exchange education programs by sending its undergraduates, graduates and professors to foreign universities and receiving foreign colleagues in the framework of academic mobility programs.


Students of geological areas are invited to participate in a unique program between Russian and Vietnamese Universities “Erasmus + Mineral”.


Students taking a master’s program in instrumentation are given the opportunity to participate in the general Russian-Chinese project “Erasmus + Inspire”.


Due to the concluded and current agreements with the German DAAD organization, the students of the University have the opportunity to receive research scholarships as part of the internship program “Mikhail Lomonosov”, “Immanuel Kant”, “Leonard Euler” and others.





For 110 years of its existence the University has produced more than 150 thousand specialists.  Academic traditions and experience help today to prepare young specialists with a high level of education.


The educational process at the University is built on a harmonious combination of fundamental technical education and the possession of modern practical engineering knowledge. Everything is arranged in such a way that students acquire the necessary baggage of technical knowledge and skills that will allow them to be in demand in competitive labor markets.


The university actively promotes future engineers in research and development.  For this purpose, various Russian and international scientific and training seminars, conferences and forums are regularly held at the University.  Students have great opportunities to discover their research potential.  The most capable and successful students may join the “Council of Young Scientists”.


The University’s Scientific and Technical Library, being the largest university library in the Southern Federal District, is at the students’ disposal.


Supplemental educational opportunities


The participation of the University in various international scientific and educational programs and agreements enables students to join academic mobility programs and take internships abroad.




Study at the University assumes the successful development of both a theoretical basis and the acquisition of modern applied skills.  Many years of established partnerships with dozens of well-known large plants and enterprises, both in Russia and abroad, allow students to undertake an internship in the real world of modern production.


During the internship students learn all aspects of production, get acquainted with technical documentation and equipment, study the details, components, mechanisms of individual installations and production lines, perform laboratory measurements and tests.


A great virtue is that during their internship students have the opportunity to approve themselves, to show their abilities to potential employers.  As a result, students receive an invitation to further cooperation with the prospect of employment.  Due to the developed strategic partnership, the University increased the guaranteed percentage of graduates’ employment up to 80%.


9 research institutes successfully operate at the University. On their basis the students have the chance to practice professional practical skills as well.

Faculties of Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI):

  • Department of information technologies and control
  • Department of innovation studies and industrial management
  • Mechanics department
  • Civil engineering department
  • Power engineering department
  • Department of geology, mining, oil and gas engineering
  • Agro-industrial department
  • Department of open and distance learning
  • Institute of fundamental engineering education
  • Military institute
  • Institute of international education
  • Institute of additional education
  • The higher school of management
  • Department of transport and logistics

Student Accommodation

The central campus of University is located in the very center of the city. Students’ dormitory is only 5 minutes walk away from the campus. Each room in the apartment is equipped with: A bed, beddings, desk and chair, curtains. Bathroom is shared between double and triple roommates​.
Shared facilities (for all the international students): Refrigerator, microwave, kitchen-range, toaster, TV, cooking utensils (pot, frying pan, knife, cutting board, etc.), laundry room. Free Wi-Fi is available.​ ​The dormitory is guarded 24 hours.

Novocherkassk City

Novocherkassk is one of large towns in the South of Russia. It is peculiar not only in its glorious history, but also in remarkable features: outline, architecture, unique historical monuments. Novocherkassk was designed and founded in 1805 as a new capital of the Don Cossacks Army Region. Within more than a century that was a town of the Don Cossacks elite: Cossacks atamans, military administration, army officers, officialdom, educational and cultural center.

Novocherkassk is a town of Rostov-on-Don regional subordination. It boarders with Oktyabrskyi and Aksayskyi rural districts of Rostov region, the general town area is 13412,1 hectares (within the town boarder – 12297, 9 hectares). The population is 170,7 thousand people.

Novocherkassk was founded 18 May by Old Style (30 May by New Style) 1805 by the Don Cossacks Army Ataman Matvey Ivanovich Platov, the town project was designed by the military engineer lieutenant-general Franz Devolan.

Due to its status of the Don Cossacks Army administrative center, the town was mainly populated by the Cossacks, with a small number of nonresidents and people of other nationalities.

From 1917 to January 1920, Novocherkassk was a center of the counterrevolution. After the Soviet Government establishing here on January 7, 1920, Novocherkassk changed its Cossacks capital status to the district and later on town center and became the Don land large industrial, scientific and cultural center.

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