Kama State Academy of Engineering and Economics

INEKA is the largest higher education institution of Eastern Tatarstan, which is one of the most industrialized and developed parts of the Russian Federation with the agglomeration of such cities as Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Yelabuga, Mendeleevsk, Almetyevsk, Bugulma.  INEKA was established in 1980 as KamPI- Kama State Polytechnic Institute – for training highly qualified engineers for KamAZ truck plant.

At present INEKA is the main educational, scientific and cultural center of the region. The Academy has over 1,000 employees, including 47 doctors and professors, 250 philosophy doctors and more than 14,000 students. At INEKA there are 154 accredited bachelor’s and master’s degreeprograms, 6 faculties, the Institute of distance learning and international programs, 36 Departments, 50 educational and research laboratories.

Faculties of Kama State Academy of Engineering and Economics:

  • Materials Science & Technology of Materials
  • Technological Machinery and Equipment
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design and Engineering support of Production Engineering
  • Automation of Technological Processes and Production
  • Quality Management
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Design
  • Service
  • Heat and Power Engineering
  • Power and Electrical Engineering
  • Power Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Technological Machinery and Equipment
  • Land Transport and Technological Complexes
  • Management of Transport and Technological Machines and Systems
  • System Analysis and Management
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Technospheric Security (Protection of Environment and Resources)
  • Linguistics
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Economics
  • Management
  • HR Management
  • Business Informatics
  • State and Municipal Management
  • Service
  • Commerce
  • Commodities Expertise
  • Applied Informatics

Student Accommodation

At the disposal of the Academy there are five educational buildings, four well-equipped dormitories for students, sports halls, the stadium, the library, health care center, “Dubravushka” forest recreation center.

The Academy also has:

– INEKA graduates employment support center

– The local newspaper

– Students security service

– “Interbridge” company for international employment, leisure and learning

– “Young Scientists” club

– Students summer labor teams

Naberezhnye Chelny City


Naberezhnye Chelny is a large Russian city located in the north-eastern part of Tatarstan Republic, on the left bank of the Kama River and Nizhnekamsk water reservoir. It is the second largest city of Tatarstan located 240 km west of Kazan and 1,050 km from Moscow.


Naberezhnye Chelny features


Naberezhnye Chelny climate is temperate continental. The average temperature in January is minus 10.5 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 21.6 degrees Celsius.


According to the National Population Census 2010, the peoples of Naberezhnye Chelny are the Tatars (47.42%), Russians (44.87%), Chuvash (1.95%), Ukrainians (1.31%), Bashkirs (1.16%), Mari (0.66%), Udmurts (0.39%), Mordvinian (0.39%) and others (1.85%).


The rally team KAMAZ-master won the world-famous rally “Dakar” numerous times and glorified Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, and Russia.


According to the established tradition residential neighborhoods are called “complexes” in Naberezhnye Chelny.


Begishevo International Airport offers regular flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Perm. The federal highway M7 (part of the European route E22) “Volga” runs through the city. The banks of the Kama River are connected by a dam.


The city is a large railway, automobile, and air juncture as well as an important river port. The river port in Naberezhnye Chelny is able to process dry cargo ships and passenger ships of the “river-sea” type. There is a passenger river terminal in the port, where four ships can moor at the same time.


Naberezhnye Chelny is a large industrial center on the Kama River: power engineering, machine-building, construction, food and processing industries. Kamsky automobile plant (KamAZ) is the main plant in the city, which produces almost 75% of all the industrial output.


The amount of industrial output produced in the city makes about 20% of all the output produced in Tatarstan Republic. Light industry is presented by carton and paper plant, which is the only producer of paper in Tatarstan.


Naberezhnye Chelny historically has been one of the largest centers of food industry. There are meat and milk producing plants in the city. The product of local poultry-farm and field mushroom company are exported beyond boundaries of the city and the republic.

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