Belgorod State Technological University

Belgorod state technological university (BSTU named after V. G. Shukhov) is a unique educational institution in Russia. For almost a 60-year experience it has trained over 65 thousand highly qualified specialists for building and construction industry. Today the university is the only one which has such specialization in Europe Its graduates are currently been employed not onle in the Russian Federation, but in CIS countries and abroad. Since 2010 professor, doctor of economic sciences Sergey Glagolev has been the rector of the university.


. According to the result of rating of the Ministry of Education and science of the Russian Federation the university holds the first position among architectural and construction educational institutions of Russia. According to the results of independent monitoring of Russian schools of higher education, BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov is listed into top 16 Russian universities by the quality of professional training, employer demand for graduates and their successful career development. BSTU strategic development program is being successfully implemented, the university is included into four universities to fulfil target indices by 100%.


BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov became the top award winner of the contest “Healthy lifestyle University”.  The Students’ Council became the winner of the contest for a grant from the Ministry of Education and science of the Russian Federation for developing students’ self-government.


In 2012 over 60 students, post-graduate students and young scientists were awarded a scholarship from the President of the Russian Federation and Russian Government, which is the best result in the Central Federal District. Seven of our young scientists became the Presidents scholarship awardees, five – got grants from the Russian President.


Our university is listed in the top 25 universities to admit school leavers, who won all-Russian school subject Olympiads.


We are ranked the third among Russian universities by the number of small innovation businesses.


In all Russian students contests and Olympiads in all subjects (mathematics, physics, strength of materials, ecology, etc.) our students got awards, became the winners of the contest held by Siemens company. In contests among graduation theses and Olympiads in specialization area the students got awards in a number of fields. Our young students became award winners of such significant all-Russian contests as “Archimedes” and “Lomonosov”.


The above top indices achieved is a justification that the university is in high demand among the talented youth in local educational space, greatly influencing the economic development not only in Belgorod, but in Russia as a whole.


The university incorporates 9 institutes and over 60 departments. Pre-university training courses are available and successfully operating, holding subject Olympiads. This enables applicants to have an extra opportunity to be enrolled as state scholarship students.


Training at the university is multi-level and multidisciplinary Candidates can apply for 31 bachelor courses, 9 specialist level courses and 23 master courses. Students can study both full-time and part-time, including distance learning option. The total number of students is about 25 thousand, over 1000 foreign nationals from 70 among them: from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Belgorod State technological university named after V.G. Shukhov is a Russian educational and scientific center, which brings leading scientists together. The university is a venue for international conferences. In the field of building materials science, the university has founded big scientific schools.  BSTU has 8 dissertation councils.


A Students’ scientific society is successfully functioning. The university is actively cooperating with foreign companies and universities in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, China, Egypt, Serbia, Poland, Israel and others. High level of educational activity is justified by the students’ awards at all-Russian and international conferences and contests.


BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov represents a modern university campus. The area of 35 hectares includes academic and laboratory buildings, experimental and production facilities, science and research library, halls of residence, residential estate for the academic staff and employees, catering facilities, student’s art center, sport facilities/ all of them located in close proximity. BSTU has created an efficient healthcare service for prevention care and health improvement, which incorporates a sanatorium and a medical center.


Social and cultural life of the university is concentrated in the Community Centre – Students’ Art Centre, where you can join amateur creative groups, be a part of studios, clubs by interests. The center arranges festivals, concerts, theme nights, recreation events, disco parties.


BSTU campus has repeatedly been the winner of the All-Russian contest for the best students’ hostel. Students, living outside Belgorod are given accommodation in the halls of residence.


BSTU is committed to healthy lifestyle policy, promoting physical education and sports. A modern stadium meeting international standard, tennis courts, sports grounds, gyms are in the students’ disposal, including one swimming pool functioning and another one to be opened in the near future. Qualified coaches have contributed to the success of our students both locally and on the international arena. Among our students are Russian, European and World Champions, including Paralympic prize winners.


Science and research library houses a substantial and diversified collection of over 1,5 million volumes. It contains scientific, academic, art editions as well as reference books. The library is extending its collection electronically-held information.


According to prominent public officials, distinguished scientists, who have visited our university, the university staff is successfully carrying out the primary objectives in training highly qualified specialists, who are in great demand not only on the Russian labor market, but also abroad.

Faculties of Belgorod State Technological University:

  • Institute of Architecture and Construction
  • Institute of construction materials science and environmental engineering
  • Institute of construction materials science and environmental engineering
  • Institute of Information Technologies and Operating Systems
  • Institute of Technological equipment and machine building
  • Transportation Technology Institute
  • Power Engineering Institute
  • Preparatory faculty for foreign students
  • Postgraduate school and doctoral studies



Student Accommodation

All international students are free to use a university-managed accommodation. The building of student’s halls is situated within 3 km from the main building of the university. It is a 5-story building, wherein each story has 2 shared laundry rooms and 1 study room. Tula State University has 4 comfortable hostels for students, rooms are for 2-3 persons, they are really good furnished and always clean. Dormitories have ale necessary facilities which students normally need


Belgorod City

Belgorod is a city located in the south-west of the central European part of Russia, about 700 km south of Moscow and 40 km from the Russian border with Ukraine, the administrative center of Belgorod Oblast.


Belgorod – Features

Belgorod is located on the southern edge of the Central Russian Upland, halfway from Moscow to the Crimea. Today, it is a city with a developed infrastructure, a scientific, cultural, economic, and spiritual center of the Central Black Earth region of Russia. Belgorod has repeatedly occupied the first place in terms of cleanliness and amenities among Russian cities with a population of 100 to 500 thousand people.

The name “Belgorod” comes from a combination of words meaning in Russian “white” and “town”. There are several versions of the appearance of this name. On the territory of Belgorod there were significant reserves of chalk The first version is that “white town” means a fortress with walls built of white stone. According to another version, the name is related to the name of Belaya (White) Mountain, on the slopes of which Belgorod was originally built. So it meant a “town on a white mountain”.

The climate of Belgorod is temperate continental. Summers are hot and dry. Winters are moderately frosty with often thaws accompanied by rains (especially in December). Temperature drops below minus 20 degrees Celsius are also possible, which can last up to a week or more. The average temperature in January is minus 6.1 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 21.8 degrees Celsius.

The city industry is represented by enterprises of the chemical, pharmaceutical, woodworking, light, food industries, mechanical engineering and the production of building materials.

The most important railways and highways connecting Moscow with the southern regions of Russia and Ukraine pass through Belgorod, including the M2 “Crimea” federal highway and the Moscow-Kharkov-Sevastopol railway. Belgorod International Airport daily receives direct flights from Moscow.

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