Shadrinsk State Pedagogical Institute

International cooperation is one of the main activities of Shadrinsk State Pedagogical Institute. It is devoted to its integration in the international scientific and educational space, providing of quality of education and corresponding to international standards.


International cooperation is carried out by various departments and coordinated by the Department of international cooperation of ShGPI. The Institute cooperates with international funds, organizations and programs, such as DAAD, Goethe-Institute, Work and Travel, Au-pair, etc. Students and teachers of ShGPI participate in the programs of these organizations, study or work abroad.


One of the main tasks of international activity of ShGPI is the attraction of foreign students for studies on General and special programs, organization of students exchange, training of teachers.


Faculties of Shadrinsk State Pedagogical Institute:

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics and Physics
  • Faculty of Corrective Education and Psychology
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Faculty of Physical Culture


Student Accommodation

Dorms consist of eight rooms per floor, with 2-3 people per room. Each floor also has one kitchen and two toilets, and the basement has a shower. Students cannot select their own rooms. We encourage students to apply early, as the number of rooms are limited. Some students may not be comfortable with dorm rules, as they are often considered strict.

All Dormitories have the following facilities:

  • Kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Medical aid cabinet
  • Gym
  • Reading room
  • Free Internet connection

Shadrinsk City

Shadrinsk is a town in Kurgan Oblast, Russia, located on the left bank of the Iset River (Ob’s basin) 146 kilometers (91 mi) northwest of Kurgan. Population: 77,756 (2010 Census); 80,865 (2002 Census); 86,713 (1989 Census).

Shadrinsk was founded in 1662 as an agricultural and trade settlement. Shadrinsk hosted the second largest fair in the Urals region. Town status was granted to it from 1712 to 1737 and in 1781.

Within the framework of administrative divisions, Shadrinsk serves as the administrative center of Shadrinsky District, even though it is not a part of it. As an administrative division, it is incorporated separately as Shadrinsk Town Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with a status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Shadrinsk Town Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Shadrinsk Urban Okrug.

Shadrinsk has a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dfb), with very cold winters and warm summers. The average temperature in January is −15 °C (5 °F), and the record low is −45.2 °C (−49.4 °F). The average temperature in July is 19.3 °C (66.7 °F), and the record high is 38.9 °C (102.0 °F). Precipitation is moderate but is significantly higher in summer than at other times of the year.

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