Volga State University of Service

The university was created on September 1, 1981 as branch of the Moscow Institute of Technology (MIT) in Togliatti, Kuibyshev region (the order No. 263, RSFSR Ministry of Population Consumer Service, August 6, 1981).


The founder of higher education institution is the Russian Federation. The functions and management of the Founder are carried out by the RF Ministry of Education and Science. The general management of higher education institution is carried out by an elective representative body – the Academic Council which structure includes the Rector of higher education institution as the Chairman, Vice-Rectors, Deans and other members of the Academic Council elected at the conference of scientific and pedagogical and other categories of workers by secret voting.


VRSUS is under direct control of the Rector – Lydia Ivanovna Erokhina, Dr.Econ.Sci., Professor.


The Volga region state university of service carries out the educational activity according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Legal Act of the Russian Federation “About Education”, the Legal Act of the Russian Federation “About the higher and postgraduate professional education”, the Standard provision on the HPE educational institution, the Charter of the university and other normative legal acts. There is the License, the Certificate on the state accreditation.


The structure of university complies with the Charter of Educational Institution and allows to provide the organization and carrying out teaching and educational process, scientific and methodical work with sufficient efficiency.


The University has developed and implemented quality management system certified on conformity to the requirements of standard GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008) and the excellence model EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management).


The structure of university includes 3 institutes, 2 faculties, 19 chairs (including 14 academic), 3 interdepartmental research laboratories, the center of information and computer training. The concept of long-life education is carried out at the university: higher educational programs, educational programs of secondary professional education, actual programs of additional professional education, the master programs, postgraduate programs are realized; dissertation councils on protection of master’s and doctoral dissertations are functioned, additional pre-university preparation of entrants is organized.


Faculties of Volga State University of Service:

Institute of Economics

  • Applied Informatics (Bachelor)
  • Informational Safety (Bachelor)
  • Economics (Bachelor)
  • Management (Bachelor)
  • State and Municipal Management (Bachelor)
  • Business-Informatics (Bachelor)
  • Trading business (Bachelor)
  • Merchandizing (Bachelor)
  • Customs Business (Specialist)
  • Economics (Master)
  • Management (Master)
  • Staff Management (Master)
  • State and Municipal Management (Master)
  • Trading business (Master)
  • Finances and Credit (Master)
  • Applied Informatics (Master)

Institute of Tourism and Social Technologies

  • Social Work (Bachelor)
  • Advertising and Public Relations (Bachelor)
  • Tourism (Bachelor)
  • Hotel Business (Bachelor)
  • Socio-Cultural Activity (Bachelor)
  • Social Work (Master)
  • Hotel Business (Master)
  • Tourism (Master)

Faculty of Information-Technical Service

  • Fundamental Informatics and Informational Technologies (Bachelor)
  • Informatics and Computer Facilities (Bachelor)
  • Informational Systems and Technologies (Bachelor)
  • Program Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Radio Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Info-communicative Technologies and Communication Systems (Bachelor)
  • Technological Machines and Equipment (Bachelor)
  • Transport Process Technology (Bachelor)
  • Quality Management (Bachelor)
  • Innovatics (Bachelor)
  • Light Industry Products Technology (Bachelor)
  • Light Industry Products Designing (Bachelor)
  • Service (Bachelor)
  • Informatics and computer facilities (Master)
  • Program Engineering (Master)
  • Technological Machines and Equipment (Master)

Faculty of Design and Applied Art

  • Cultural Science (Bachelor)
  • Design (Bachelor)
  • Decorative-Applied Arts and Crafts (Bachelor)
  • Suit and Textiles Art (Bachelor)
  • Monument Decorative Art
  • Design (Master)

Student Accommodation

At entering VRSUS nonresident students are provided with the hostel for all period of training. A comfortable building, completely provided with the telephone connection, is located: 29, Leningradskaya St. A high level of access control is established at the hostel, the clearance and order are constantly maintained.

There are warm and cozy rooms for two-three persons. There are two kitchens with electric stoves devices and bathrooms with showers and washing machines on each floor.

VRSUS students have an opportunity to be provided with the Internet in each room and to install stationary phone. Thus, the computer hall with Internet connection is equipped in the hostel.

There is also a recreation room with audio and TV system in the hostel. There is an assembly hall where choreographic classes are carried out and fitness studios are functioned. The gym is also equipped.

There are guest rooms for parents in the hostel. Besides, the rooms for nonresident students, part-time students and entrants who take their session and entrance tests are also provided by VRSUS hostel.

The VRSUS hostel – is a constant participant of student’s hostels competitions. In 2008 the Volga region state university of service took part in the II All-Russian competition for the Best Student’s Hostel Title. For participation in the competition the diploma was presented to the VRSUS signed by N. I Bulayev, the Head of Federal Agency of Education and by G. I Merkulova, the Chairman of Labor Union of Workers in the sphere of the Russian Federation National Education and Science.

Togliatti City

Tolyatti is the second largest city in the Samara region of Russia, located in the middle reaches of the Volga River, on its left bank. It is a major center of automotive and chemical industries, as well as rail, river and road transport, the largest city in the country which is not a regional capital.

Tolyatti features

City Day is celebrated on the first summer weekend. Tolyatti stretches for 30 km along the Volga River, and consists of three districts: Avtozavodsky, Central and Komsomolsky. Tolyatti is often called the “green city” because of the large number of green plantations and forests.

The climate is temperate continental with hot summers and cold winters. However, it is considerably mitigated by the Kuibyshev Reservoir. The average temperature in January is minus 10,6 degrees Celsius, in July – plus 20.9 degrees Celsius.

Tolyatti is a large industrial and economic center of Russia. “AvtoVAZ” is the main enterprise of the city. Also there is an automobile plant of “GM-AvtoVAZ” company and a lot of plants producing various parts for cars. Chemical industry is well developed in the city – “TolyattiAzot”, the largest in the world ammonia producer, is located here. The plant supplies its products through a unique ammonia pipeline “Tolyatti-Odessa”.

The federal highway M-5 “Ural” passes through the city connecting the central regions of the European part of Russia with its eastern parts: the Volga region, Urals, Siberia, and the Far East. The distance from Tolyatti to Samara is 90 km, to Moscow – 991 km. Transit trains don’t pass through the city. Only two trains are available: to Moscow and Saratov.

Russian ufologists consider Tolyatti to be one of the most anomalous places in Russia. The number of unexplained facts registered in the city is dozens times higher than the average level in the country.

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