Novomoskovsk Institute of Chemical Technologies

Novomoskovsk Institute was founded in 1959. Since its early days of existence, Novomoskovsk Institute has been training highly qualified engineers for industrial needs.

The Institute is licensed to confer the bachelor’s degree (higher education) to graduates with issuing the state Russian diploma. The education duration is 4 years and 5 years at the Extramural Branch.


The training is both free of charge and paid (on a commercial basis). During the whole course of training in the NI full-time students are offered the postponement for military service. In the Institute operates an effective scholarship system.


The students from other cities or towns are offered to live in one of the dormitories which are located near the educational buildings.


After graduation from the Institute students can continue their training to get master’s degree or postgraduate degree.


The citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belorus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other foreign citizens having certificates of general secondary and professional education are admitted to NI in accordance with the results of entrance examinations.


Applicants having any diploma of higher education are admitted to NI in accordance with the results of entrance examinations which are held in the form of tests. The education duration is reduced.


Students of both full-time and extramural form of training are provided with all necessary facilities for an efficient process of education in the Novomoskovsk Institute. The courses of training are conducted by highly qualified associate professors, full professors. Each student is provided with the complex of educational and training materials necessary for the training on bachelor degree programs.


There are 6 faculties, including the Extramural Branch and the Faculty of the pre-University training (the Preparatory Faculty). There are 17 departments conducting the training of students for bachelor’s degree. There is also a special Department for working with foreign students.


Novomoskovsk Institute has some modern educational buildings, laboratories, small-scale enterprises, three blocks of the dormitories.


Faculties of Novomoskovsk Institute of Chemical Technologies:

  • Faculty of Chemical Technology
  • Faculty of Power Engineering
  • Faculty of Cybernatics
  • Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Extramural
  • Preparatory

Student Accommodation

The dormitory has a perfect location: grocery stores, cafés, and restaurants with Russian and international cuisine are within walking distance. All city attractions, museums, theaters, historic places are either within walking distance or easy transportation from the dormitory.

The dormitory also is conveniently located in terms of going to and from the airport, either by taxi or via metro.

The dormitory is a corridor-type residential building with shared facilities. One rooms usually accommodates three or four roommates. Entrances to the building are equipped with video surveillance and security posts.

Dormitory facilities:

  • Self-service laundry (in the basement)
  • Shared kitchens (on each floor)
  • Shared bathrooms.

Room facilities:

  • Beds with linens
  • Writing desks
  • Wardrobes/closets
  • Internet connection
  • Cable TV.

Novomoskovsk City

Novomoskovsk is a city and the administrative center of Novomoskovsky District in Tula Oblast, Russia, located at the source of the Don and Shat Rivers. Population: 131,386 (2010 Census); 134,081 (2002 Census); 146,302 (1989 Census); 143,000 (1974); 107,000 (1959); 76,000 (1939).

The city originated in the 18th century as the family manor of Counts Bobrinsky, who industrialized it towards the end of the 19th century. The city, under the name of Bobriki was officially established in 1930 and continued to develop as a coal (lignite) mining center throughout the Soviet period. In 1933, it was renamed Stalinogorsk.  During World War II, the city was occupied by the German Army from November 22, 1941 to December 11, 1941. In 1961, it was given its present name. The city was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor on January 14, 1971.

Within the framework of administrative divisions, Novomoskovsk serves as the administrative center of Novomoskovsky District. As an administrative division, it is, together with three rural localities, incorporated within Novomoskovsky District as Novomoskovsk City Under District Jurisdiction. As a municipal division, the territories of Novomoskovsk Town Under District Jurisdiction and of thirteen rural okrugs of Novomoskovsky District are incorporated as Novomoskovsk Urban Okrug.

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